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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

How Security Window Film Saves Lives

Security Window Film

Window film has become one of those aspects of life that often goes unnoticed but is critically important to modern society. Security window film especially has revolutionized the way we think about protection and actually goes a long way to saving lives. What Is Window Film? Window film or tinted windows as it is commonly … Read more

The Real Cost Of High Quality Window Tinting


High-quality window tinting is not just a visual enhancement. Professional window film installation has many other practical benefits that make it a worthwhile investment. Window tinting can be added to homes, offices and even vehicles. No matter where and how you choose to use it, high-quality window tinting will be beneficial to you. Comfort Isn’t … Read more

How To Care For Your Window Film

window film

Having a fresh new window film is an exciting thing. The sophisticated feeling of your newly tinted windows, be it your home, business, car, or yacht, is one to be desired. However, what many people are unaware about is when and how to clean their new film to ensure that it lasts longer and does … Read more

The Low Down on Large Window Tinting Projects

large window tinting

People install large windows in their homes and businesses for a variety of reasons. One reason they are installed are for aesthetic appeal – large windows can transform the interior and exterior of your office or home. Regardless of the intention, large window tinting can be an interesting, and daunting, task if you don’t know … Read more

Benefits of Professional Window Film Installation

window film installation

With the sunny climate in South Florida, window film installation is a popular choice for many. The effects of the sun’s glare, UV rays and heat are just a few reasons for window film installation. Some people choose window film for protection, privacy, aesthetic enhancement, or all three. Window Film Installation Installing window film is … Read more

The Wonders of Window Film

residential and marine window film

For decades window film has been used by many people for a variety of different reasons. It has been added to all kinds of windows from homes to cars to offices and even boats. But why do people add window film to their windows? What is the big attraction? In short, the reason so many … Read more

Protective Tinting for All Scenarios

protective tinting

Glass walls, French doors, and vehicle windows – there are so many ways in which glass is incorporated in our homes, businesses and vehicles. In each of these circumstances, glass is required to afford us a degree of protection whilst still adding the style and flare it is most well known for. However, glass is … Read more

Decorative Window Tint Design Ideas

decorative window tint

Glass as a decorative feature in homes, offices and even vehicles, has become a popular trend and for good reason. The potential for natural light, the illusion of space, and the sleek lines make for an easy interior design option. But the decorative aspect of glass has now developed its own feature: decorative window tint. … Read more

Can You Spot High Quality Window Tinting – Window Tint USA

high quality window tinting

Window tinting has become an appealing modification which many people, for various reasons, consider making to their car, boat or home windows. As with all alterations, different people, installers and companies fit their products (window film in this case) to different standards. It is therefore important to be able to identify high quality window tinting. … Read more

How to Choose a Window Film Installation Company

Window Film Installation Company

Window tinting is a necessity when living and working in the bright South Florida sunshine. Choosing a window film installation company among many can be difficult. You want people who know what they are doing so that you can rest easy that your car, office, or home interior will remain undamaged by sunlight, with the … Read more