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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

Benefits of Professional Window Film Installation

With the sunny climate in South Florida, window film installation is a popular choice for many. The effects of the sun’s glare, UV rays and heat are just a few reasons for window film installation. Some people choose window film for protection, privacy, aesthetic enhancement, or all three.

Window Film Installation

Installing window film is a process that requires the availability of several tools such as film aid application concentrate, a breakaway utility knife, a single edged razor blade, and soft lint-free cloth to name just a few.

First, the window needs to be measured so that the film can be cut to the correct size. The window needs to be cleaned of any dirt, dust or grime. The window then needs to be wet thoroughly. The solution liquid acts as a lubricant for the film – the window needs to remain wet before the film is applied.

The liner of the film needs to be removed – this refers to the clear film backing. There is a technique to get this liner off efficiently, this technique is especially important for larger windows. The film is then placed on the wet surface of the window. Again, there is a technique to ensure that the application is smooth and correct.

Next, the outside surface of the film is to be sprayed and the air and water needs to be removed with a squeegee. It is important that the window is wet before using the squeegee. Lastly, the edges of the film need to be trimmed, and the surfaced squeegeed dry.

What Can Go Wrong With DIY Window Film Installation

Effective window film installation requires knowledge on the process and is why a professional window tinting company is required. Residential window films are applied directly to the inside of the window surface. If you have a storm pane, this will need to be removed and remounted after the window film has been applied.

The film needs to be handled very carefully. If aluminum film creases, it is irreversible. The solution for application needs to be the correct one. If a concentrated or de-greasing detergent is used, the result can be cloudy glass, or the film could fail to adhere effectively.

A large window will need to care of two people to apply the window film due to the size. In addition, larger window film will need to be seemed together. This is a process best done by window film installation professionals to avoid any errors.

Applying the film at the wrong time can also be detrimental to its effectiveness. For example, applying window film to a surface when it is in direct sunlight may cause the film to stick too quickly. Another common mistake is installing window film without clearing all dust, or under the influence of a fan. It also needs to be installed in a vertical fashion, as laying the film down can cause air bubbles to be trapped.

Besides preventing any mistakes due to lack of knowledge or experience, hiring a professional is a better option for several other reasons. A professional can ensure expert product advice and installation, quick project completion, professional results, and long term increased savings.