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Does window tinting go on the inside or the outide

Does Window Tint Go on the Inside or the Outside?

There is a question that comes up frequently when discussing window film for residential and commercial applications. Does window tint go on the inside or the outside? The answer is that there are good reasons for both interior and exterior applications. What will work best for your home or business is determined by the type ... Read more

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Lifetime Warranty for your home window film

Get a 3M Lifetime Warranty for Your Home Window Film

Your home is where you are building memories. It’s the center of the universe for you and your family, and you want it to last a lifetime. You also want it to be comfortable and efficient for your family. And that is why you are considering having window film stalled. Window film can block heat, ... Read more

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Is tinting home windows a good idea

Is Tinting Home Windows a Good Idea?

If you’ve seen a bad DIY window tint job with bubbles and a purple cast, you may wonder, “Is tinting home windows a good idea?” The answer in many cases is yes. Tinting your home windows can improve the comfort, appearance and energy efficiency of your home. However, the key to a good result is ... Read more

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Protect Your Vehicle with Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

Your vehicle is an investment. And one you take pride in. Protect that investment by adding a double layer of protection to your car’s paint with 3M ceramic coating and paint protection film. If left unprotected, that beautiful factory finish doesn’t stay perfect for long. The Florida sun, salt, acid rain, road dust, gravel, tree ... Read more

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prestige dealer of the year

Window Tint USA Named Prestige Regional Dealer of the Year

Accent Distributing, one of the leading 3M authorized window film distributors in the U.S., named Window Tint USA as the Prestige Regional Dealer of the Year (South East) for 2021. Criteria for the award includes exceptional sales growth, excellence as a 3M brand ambassador and strong business partnership with 3M. Along with the announcement, Accent ... Read more

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What’s Better? Replacement Windows or Window Film?

If you are looking to add energy efficiency to your home, you may be considering replacement windows. Modern windows can certainly make a difference in the amount of energy needed to cool or heat your home and may have additional benefits in solar control. However, these benefits come with a high price tag and the ... Read more

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What Does Tinting Your Windows Do?

Top 3 Reasons to Install 3M Auto Tint Summer in Florida gets HOT. The heat index regularly exceeds 100 degrees, and that can quickly heat up your vehicle. Good thing there’s a simple solution that can make a big difference — 3M™ Auto Tint. 3M automotive window film is scientifically proven to make your vehicle ... Read more

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Privacy window film

Change Your View with Privacy Window Film

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a big expanse of glass and a clear view. But in some locations, a little privacy makes a big difference. In your home or office, privacy window films can add a decorative touch and serve a functional purpose. Privacy window films are an easy way to transform a space. Whether ... Read more

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Keep Your Car’s Brand-New Look with Paint Protection Film

The joy of driving a brand-new or freshly painted car quickly turns to devastation with the first nick or scratch. Paint damage often occurs through no fault of the driver, so many car owners accept common wear and tear as unavoidable. But there is an alternative. With 3M’s innovative Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film, you can ... Read more

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Protect your Business with 3M™ Anti-Graffiti Film

Why Anti-Graffiti Film? If graffiti or vandalism is an issue where your business is located, you know the potential costs involved in painting over graffiti. But if you’ve had to replace damaged glass windows or doors, you know that’s where the real expense lies. While you may think it’s just glass and you’ll replace it ... Read more

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