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Security Window Film: Added Protection for Your Home or Business

What keeps you up at night? If you worry about a break in at your home or business, 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films can help. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films are a special type of window tint that helps keep burglars out.  Glass doors and windows are the most vulnerable entry points of ... Read more

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Save Money on Energy Costs with 3M Window Tint

There is no question that summer in Florida is hot. The heat from the sun coming through your windows raises the temperature of your home. This is known as “heat transfer,” and it causes your air conditioning system to work overtime to keep your home cool. Remember, the heat will always seek the cold. As ... Read more

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Window Film for Your Glass Front Doors

Many new homes or remodels in Florida are incorporating single-lite glass panel front doors. This trend in architecture allows light to flood into the home and creates a dramatic facade. The only downside is that now you and your family are on display! At Window Tint USA in Pompano Beach, FL, we carry 3M window ... Read more

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Window Tinting for Arched Windows – What You Need to Know.

Architectural arched windows make a beautiful impact on homes and commercial buildings. We often take a look at decorative window styles like this and appreciate the look of them without thinking about how they are made. In the heat of the summer, you may decide you want to have solar window tinting installed to block ... Read more

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Does window tinting prevent skin cancer

Does Window Tinting Prevent Skin Cancer?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but in Florida, skin cancer prevention is a year-round concern. Skin cancer is an irregular growth of skin cells that occurs most often on sun-exposed skin. Skin cancer is common, and in its worst cases, it results in death. According to, about 5.4 million basal and squamous cell ... Read more

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How Much Should Window Tint Cost

How Much Should Window Tint Cost?

In Florida, window tint isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. If you own a car, home, building or boat that doesn’t have fully tinted windows, you will soon be searching for window tint and a professional window tint installer. One of the first questions you may have is, “How much should window tint cost?” Due ... Read more

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Home office window film

Window Film for Your Home Office

Working from home has become more common than ever before. When setting up a home office, it’s clearly important to invest in a comfortable and ergonomic desk and desk chair, as well as adequate lighting. What may not be as obvious is the role the windows in your home office will play in your comfort. ... Read more

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What is Ceramic Window Film?

If you hear the word “ceramic” and think of figurines sitting on your grandmother’s shelf, you may be wondering what ceramic window film actually is and how it works. Ceramic window film is a type of clear or tinted window film that can be applied to windows and glass doors in your vehicle, home or ... Read more

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Control the sun with window film

Control the Sun with Window Film

When choosing a location and orientation for a home or business in Florida, you need to know and understand the sun. If you are building a new home or office, you may be able to choose the angle of the construction in relation to the sun. If you purchase an existing property, you won’t have ... Read more

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Tint Your Home to Prevent Fading

The #1 Reason to Tint Your Home Windows

There are many reasons you may want to tint your home windows and glass doors. You may want to reduce your carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly by lowering the energy needed to heat and cool your home. You may want to reduce the heat that comes into your home and creates “heat pockets.” You ... Read more

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