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The Low Down on Large Window Tinting Projects

People install large windows in their homes and businesses for a variety of reasons. One reason they are installed are for aesthetic appeal – large windows can transform the interior and exterior of your office or home. Regardless of the intention, large window tinting can be an interesting, and daunting, task if you don’t know what you are doing. The extreme heat of South Florida means that interiors can get very warm. In this instance, large windows (with tinting) can create an open-air feel without the effects of the sun and heat.

How Does Tinting Large Windows Benefit You?

If you do have large windows there are many great benefits to having them tinted. Some of these benefits are reducing energy costs, blocking UV rays, increasing comfort and added security. These benefits are relevant to both residential and commercial buildings.

Although some people choose to do DIY window tinting, it is highly recommended to hire a professional, especially when dealing with large windows.

Unique Process Of Large Window Tinting

Tinting large windows has the same process as tinting any other window. The steps can be summarized as follows:

  • Measure the window
  • Clean the window
  • Cut the film
  • Wet the window
  • Remove the liner (the clear film backing)
  • Place the film on the wet window in a vertical manner
  • Spray the outside surface of the film
  • Squeegee the film firmly
  • Trim the edges
  • Squeegee dry

The difference between large window tinting and tinting for the average window is that the extra size results in some application obstacles. Larger windows typically need more than one person to work together to remove the liner, apply the film and trim it.

Larger windows need the film to be seamed. This is done in a similar way to wallpaper. The process requires the two vertical sides of the film to overlap. The center of both layers need to be cut with a knife. It is suggested that a ruler is used to guide this action. The loose part of the film is then peeled from the top, lifted off the edge and the waste piece to be slid from underneath.

Next, the glass needs to be rewet, the film laid down, the top of the film rewet and applied from top to bottom in a slow, firm vertical motion. Large window seaming may require further waterproofing a week after installation. When removing the liner from the film of a large window, two people are needed. The one person is required to face the film and hold it perpendicular to the floor. The second person separates the liner from the film in a smooth motion towards the floor. The glass then needs to be sprayed wet before the film is applied.

In all window tinting jobs, patience, knowledge and preparation are important. Regarding large window tinting, experience is additionally important. Make sure that you hire the best to install you tinting on your windows – from small to large.