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Why You Should Get Serious about Paint Protection Film

If you take your car care seriously, it’s time to get serious about paint protection film. The sun and weather in Florida can take a toll on your car’s paint. 3M Paint Protection Film, also called Clear Bra, installed by Window Tint USA provides an invisible layer of protection.

3M Paint Protection Film can be applied to your entire vehicle or to the areas that take the most damage on the road. When you’re ready to get serious about paint protection film and keeping your car looking good, we can help.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film keeps your vehicle looking newer longer by adding durable, long-lasting protection over your paint.

  • Eliminates stone chips and road rash
  • Self-healing surface erases small defects
  • Stain and scratch resistant
  • High gloss and optical clarity
  • Maintenance-free — wash and wax as usual
  • Computer designed and custom fit for your car
  • Does not alter your car’s appearance

Recommended Installation

For the best protection for your vehicle, we recommend complete installation of paint protection film. However, you can also choose to protect the most high-impact areas.

  • Hood, bumper, fenders, sidemirrors and headlights – this protects against road debris such as gravel and sand
  • Roofs and trunks – this protects against UV fading and paint damage, bird droppings, tree sap and other things that fall onto your car
  • Door handles – this protects against scratches from keys, rings and other jewelry, purses and briefcases
  • Truck edges and door edges – this protects against scratches and damage from loading items in and out, such as a luggage and large items

Expert Installation Matters

We are a local 3M™ certified vendor with a knowledgeable, experienced team willing to assist you with your window tinting and paint protection needs in the Pompano Beach / Fort Lauderdale / Miami area. Contact Window Tint USA at 954-960-0212 or visit


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