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The Wonders of Window Film

For decades window film has been used by many people for a variety of different reasons. It has been added to all kinds of windows from homes to cars to offices and even boats. But why do people add window film to their windows? What is the big attraction? In short, the reason so many people tint their windows is because they believe window film is a wonderful innovation with many different uses.

What Is Window Film and What Is It Used For?

Window film is a thin laminated film that is usually made out of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). It is applied to the interior or exterior of windows in what is commonly known as window tinting. This film comes in many different grades, thicknesses and colors and as such can serve many different purposes, such as UV protection, security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

Why Is Window Film So Wonderful?

Window film is wonderful because of the vast array of uses it has and properties it holds, such as:

  • Heat and Glare Reduction

    Window film can be added to windows to reduce the harsh glare of the sun, while keeping rooms cooler.

  • Thermal Insulation

    It can be added to windows as a way of increasing thermal insulation, helping to maintain more internal temperatures and preventing heat loss.

  • UV Filtration

    Another harmful effect of the sun is the emission of UV rays. UV rays can be damaging to human and animal eyes and skin, increasing the risk of cancer. Window film can be added to windows to filter harmful UV rays and hence decrease the associated risks.

  • Safety, Security, and Privacy

    Tinting windows darkens them and makes them opaquer. This means that it they are more difficult to see through which is extremely beneficial to safety, security, and privacy. If people can’t see through windows, they are statistically less likely to try and break them to enter a property as they are unsure of what is on the other side. This unsureness relates to both whether the “score” would be worth it and the dangers posed to the intruder on the other side. Regarding privacy, the opaqueness of the windows makes it difficult to see through, meaning that spaces with private window film are more secluded.

  • Decoration, Signage, and Branding

    People may also use tinting to beautify spaces. Window tinting can be used to increase the aesthetic appeal of windows by adding different things to them. Window film can be added in virtually any shape or pattern which has led to people and businesses using it in interesting and unique ways in order to make windows stand out. For example, using tint to add a fun design to a kid’s play area can transform the space. The fact that the film can be manipulated quite easily means that many businesses and organizations also use it for signage and branding. For example, adding the name of the company to its glass front door or on one of its car windows.

Window tinting and the film used to achieve it is a multifunctional innovation that has an innumerable number of uses. It is also considered an extremely cost-effective way of achieving its purposes. From light and heat filtration to decoration and everything in-between. It is for this reason that so many people consider window film, wonderful.