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What You Need to Know About Window Film

It may seem like a pretty simple concept, but there’s actually a lot to know about window tint or window film. One of the best moves you can make is to start with a 3M certified dealer installer that can tell you what you need to know about window film.

Luckily, you’ve found Window Tint USA, the only 3M Prestige Elite Window Film Dealer for residential and commercial flat glass in the Pompano Beach, FL area. Window Tint USA is also a 3M Prestige Window Film Dealer for automotive window film, and the only 3M Crystalline Series Automotive Window Film Certified dealer in Pompano Beach.

What Does Window Film Do?

3M Window Films help keep your home, building or vehicle cooler and more comfortable by rejecting up to 82% of solar energy. By blocking heat transfer and controlling hot spots,  and accumulated interior heat, window film helps you save on air conditioning and the energy needed to cool your home. Learn more here.

Can Window Film Really Lower My Energy Bill?

In many cases, window film can actually help you save money on energy costs. When professionally installed in residential and commercial buildings, window film reduces the amount of the heat transfer through the windows in the summer and the amount of heat loss in the winter. This reduces the energy needed to cool and the space, as well as the wear and tear on your expensive HVAC unit. 3M Window Films block up to 99.9% of UV rays and up to 80% of the sun’s heat. The exact amounts blocked, as well as the amount of visible light blocked, depends on the type and tint of the film you select. Learn more here.

How Much Does Window Film Cost?

As with most things, there are many factors that go into answering this question. Especially for flat glass (residential and commercial) window tinting projects. But we can share some information that will help you understand how much window film should cost.

At Window Tint USA, we are so confident in our products and expertise, you can find vehicle tinting prices right on our website at You’ll see an explanation of how much window tint will cost for your vehicle based on the product you choose and the type of vehicle.

Home window tinting includes more variables than tinting a car. To give an accurate estimate for how much home window tinting should cost, we offer in-home estimates. We will visit your home, discuss your needs and take measurements.

Many of the same factors that apply to home window tinting apply to commercial window tinting. Whether you are interested in window film for a small storefront or a large high-rise office building, you will need an onsite estimate to find out how much window tinting should cost for your business. Request a Quote.

Still Have Questions?

We have more answers. Visit our FAQ page or Request a Quote for your residential or commercial project. For auto window tint, you can see our pricing right on our website, Call us at 954-960-0212 or you can visit our shop at 2450 W Sample Rd #4, in Pompano Beach.

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