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Make 2023 Special with Window Films

The new year marks a time for growth – that’s why gym memberships peak in January. But your resolutions shouldn’t stop there. Kick off 2023 by upgrading your home with window films from Window Tint USA! It’s something the whole family can benefit from – and we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Window Tint USA offers the market’s premier window films from 3M™’s trusted brand. 3M™ window films provide superior solar control, security and privacy at a fraction of the cost of factory-treated glass. And despite outstanding performance, our films can be crystal-clear, so no dark tints are necessary.

Consider these solutions for a positive start to the new year.

Sun Control Window Films

3M™ Sun Control Window Films reduce heat, glare and UV rays in your home – and Window Tint USA offers the best with Prestige Series. Here’s how they work:

  • Lower Heat – Prestige Series films block as much as 93% of heat-producing infrared rays entering your home through windows. They improve comfort, reduce strain on HVAC systems and slice energy bills. Energy savings alone can yield payback on installations in only three years.
  • Reduce Glare – Can’t get annoying glare off you screens? Prestige films significantly reduce solar glare so you won’t have to strain your eyes or miss another moment of your favorite show.
  • Block UV Rays – UV exposure is a leading cause of cataracts and skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society. It is also responsible for fading furniture, flooring and belongings in your home. Make this invisible hazard a bygone in 2023 with Prestige films that block 99.9% of solar UV rays.

But sun control isn’t the only way Window Tint USA can help you improve this year.

Safety & Security

Keep your home and loved ones safe in 2023 and beyond with 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films. These protective window films hold broken glass together in the event of a burglary, explosion or forced impact. 

  • Deter Intruders – Safety & Security Window Films are proven to slow intrusions by up to two minutes, providing valuable time for authorities to arrive and inhabitants to react. 
  • Prevent Injuries – By keeping shattered glass intact, Safety & Security films significantly reduce the risk of shard-related injuries. They are thoroughly tested against chemical explosions for dependable performance.

For optimal performance, consider 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film, Ultra Prestige Series, which combines the benefits of Prestige and Safety & Security films in a single industry-leading solution.

Privacy & Aesthetics

Need privacy, but dark tints aren’t your style? Consider our 3M™ decorative films. Window Tint USA offers an extensive catalogue of elegant 3M™ Fasara Decorative Films that can be applied to any glass surface to enhance privacy and aesthetics. These films provide the look and feel of real factory-frosted or etched glass at affordable rates. 

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