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Give the Gift of Window Tint this Holiday Season

Looking for unique gift ideas for your loved ones? From managing budgets to surfing through packed malls, we all know how stressful this time of year can be. Luckily, Window Tint USA can help make this holiday season memorable with 3M™ Automotive Window Films. Our window films provide industry-leading defense from UV, heat and glare. From subtle to dark tints, we offer a difference you can feel, especially in the Sunshine State. Window films can be as effective as factory tints, and ours are guaranteed to never fade, discolor, bubble or peel. Give the gift of window tint this holiday season!

It’s a gift that lasts and will be appreciated daily in the Florida sun. Let’s explore which ones are right for you or to give as a gift. Window Tint USA gift certificates can be purchased over the phone or via email.

Our Window Films

There are many options at Window Tint USA. Each of our 3M™ Automotive Window Film series is designed to meet different style and performance specifications.

Window tints significantly reduce distracting solar glare, heat-producing infrared rays and UV light responsible for fading car interiors and causing long-term skin and sight damage. All films are non-metallized, so they won’t interfere with phone, radio or GPS signals.

  • Crystalline SeriesCrystalline films offer premier performance with patented 3M™ multilayer optical film technology. They block up to 99.9% of UV rays, 77% of glare and a market-leading 99% of infrared rays. Crystalline’s unique construction yields excellent results even for light tints, which outperform many competing dark films without changing your car’s look.
  • Ceramic IR Series – Built with nano-ceramic technology, Ceramic IR films block up to 95% of infrared and 99.9% of UV rays, as well as 93% of solar glare. Beyond excellent performance, these films offer beautiful aesthetics in six variations of sleek dark tint.
  • Color Stable Series Color Stable series rivals factory tinted glass with nano-carbon technology that feels as cool as it looks. Color Stable films reject up to 64 % of total solar energy, reducing as much as 70% of infrared rays, 99% of UV light and 94% of glare.
  • Obsidian Series – Using patented Infuse Technology that bonds dye particles with films, Obsidian series provides excellent glare and UV rejection with low reflectivity. These films block up to 44% of total solar energy entering through windows, including 91% of glare and 99% of harmful UV rays.

Paint Protection

Window Tint USA additionally offers 3M™ Paint Protection Film. Also known as Clear Bra, this transparent film protects cars from stone chips, road rash and more. Installations maintain your vehicle’s appearance and are packaged to fit any holiday budget. They are maintenance-free, so wash and wax as usual.

All installations are quick and performed by our own 3M™ certified team. No matter the vehicle or budget size, Window Tint USA can help you impress this holiday season.

Upgrade with Window Tint USA!

Ready to give the gift of style, safety and comfort with 3M™ Automotive Window Tints? Window Tint USA will gladly help! Contact us here or at (954) 960-0212 for a gift certificate or free estimate today!

Home window tinting also makes a great gift! If there is a Florida homeowner on your shopping list, you can also gift them window tinting for their home. Stop heat transfer, fading and glare with window tint for home windows and doors. Learn more.

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