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Decorative Window Tint Design Ideas

Glass as a decorative feature in homes, offices and even vehicles, has become a popular trend and for good reason. The potential for natural light, the illusion of space, and the sleek lines make for an easy interior design option. But the decorative aspect of glass has now developed its own feature: decorative window tint.

Advantages of Glass and Decorative Window Tint

  1. It’s Easy

    Glass is such a wonderful feature for adding elegance to both internal and external areas of homes and buildings: glass doors or French doors, large glass windows, shower doors and even partitions in rooms or office cubicles. It is considered stylish, professional and welcoming – an easy way to transform any space.

  2. Elevates Design

    Decorative window tint adds depth and character to the glass features. It is not only an easy way to boost interior decorations, but because it can be changed quickly and easily, it allows you to make design changes to stick with the trends.

  3. Regulates Sunlight

    Window tint helps regulate incoming light and can even be used to create another layer of decoration: light patterns. Window tint helps to diffuse harsh sunlight and maintain a fairly consistent, comfortable environment in homes and office spaces.

  4. Adds Privacy and Protection

    Although included for decorative purposes, this window film also adds privacy and protection from shattered glass.

Features of Decorative Window Tint


  1. Rice Paper

    Colloquially referred to as bathroom film, this window film is almost transparent with embossed patterning and is designed to let light – but not prying vision – through. It comes in when privacy without loss of natural light is desired.

  2. Frosted Film

    This refers to the design or texture of the film as it is made to look like glass that has been frosted over. This means when the film is applied, the glass becomes somewhat opaque whilst maintaining the class, professionality and a degree of openness pf the glass previously. This is useful at times when privacy is needed – shower doors, office or room partitions, when space-breakers and pure decoration. It is significantly cheaper than etched glass and can give you the same level of privacy.


The intensity of opacification of your window tint can be adjusted should you want to preserve a beautiful view whilst still maintaining a level of sun and glare protection. This can also be adjusted for areas where you would like to obstruct direct view, but allow in natural light e.g. shower doors.


Window tinting patterns redefine “decorative window” by delivering multilayered décor. Firstly, windows and glass themselves can be fitted in interesting patterns that allow light to come into rooms in different ways. Secondly, the patterns applied with the decorative window tint can create beautiful pictures, shapes, shades and features to add character to your glass walls, doors or partitions. The window tint also creates gorgeous light patterns to be reflected into rooms and onto floor. When sunlight beams in through the window, either the silhouettes of your designs, the varying depths of patterns or the color of your tint can be transmitted and reflected all over your rooms.


Although not the first thing that pops into your head when you think of decorative window tint, this is a perfect opportunity to include your company’s name, logo or slogan on feature walls, buildings or indoor partitions. This allows for subtle, elegant increase in brand awareness, which is great for business.

There are so many advantages of including window film as a design component, not just a practical additive. If you are thinking about including this timeless classic design option to your home or office building or have any other questions about window tint, we would be more than happy to help. Give us a call today.