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How Security Window Film Saves Lives

Window film has become one of those aspects of life that often goes unnoticed but is critically important to modern society. Security window film especially has revolutionized the way we think about protection and actually goes a long way to saving lives.

What Is Window Film?

Window film or tinted windows as it is commonly known is a thin laminated coat of film that is applied to windows. It can be used to coat both the inside or outside of windows and is usually composed of Polyethylene Terephtalate. The PET gives windows a characteristic darkened appearance but it should be noted that it can be applied in a variety of different styles, thicknesses, and colors depending on the purpose it is trying to achieve.

What Is It Used For?

Window film can be used on different windows (for example, car or office windows) for a variety of different reasons including UV protection, privacy, beautification and the topic of this article, safety and security.

How Does Security Window Film Save Lives?

When installed properly by reputable window tint installers, security window film can save lives in a variety of different ways. These include:

  • Acting As A Deterrent: Research has shown that potential criminals are less likely to invade spaces where the outcome is uncertain. For example, someone looking for valuables is less likely to invade a car where it is unclear whether or not there are valuables inside. In the situation where you, your employees or your loved ones are behind these tinted windows, this decision can mean the difference between coming face to face with a potential threat or not.
  • PET Film Bonds Directly To Windows and Reinforces Them: When security window film is bonded to windows, it results in windows being more resistant to shattering or breaking. This has far reaching effects when it comes to saving lives. For example, if an intruder attempts to break one of your security tinted windows, it is less likely to shatter and allow easy access. Furthermore, in car crashes, as windows are less likely to shatter, the possibility of secondary injuries due to glass shards and debris is decreased. In the unfortunate event of a terrorist attack tinted windows are again less likely to shatter and cause injury or even death.
  • Security Window Film Can Protect You From More Than Trauma: Along with saving lives, window film can also protect you and your family from the not so obvious dangers. The sun is a dangerous aspect of human lives that we often don’t give much thought to. Security window film has the added bonus of protecting us from harmful UV rays which can result in an array of skin and eye conditions. The tinting of windows can therefore help save lives by protecting people from dangerous diseases and ailments caused by exposure to the sun.

Security window film is an important feature that can easily be added to your car, home or office – it is fascinating to think that such a relatively inexpensive feature can help save so many lives.