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Automotive Window Film Services

For window tinting your vehicle, there is one automotive window film installer in Pompano Beach that outperforms the rest. Window Tint USA has access to the top products on the market and the experience to protect you and your vehicle from the sun.

As a 3M Certified Dealer / Installer, Window Tint USA only installs 3M’s innovative window films. 3M window tints balance cutting-edge technology with tested and proven performance in blocking UV rays, cutting the glare and reducing interior temperatures.

Imagine your vehicle looking cooler than ever and no more squinting from the glare of the harsh Florida sun, no more extra left arm tan and increased risk of skin cancer, and no more bleached seats or cracked dash. 3M automotive window films reduce the amount of visible light, infrared light and UV radiation that enter through the windshield and windows of your car, making your drive safer and more comfortable.

3M Automotive Window Film Benefits

  • Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
  • Protection from heat, sun damage, glare and infrared
  • Non-metal films won’t block cell, satellite and radio signals
  • Color-stable films won’t fade, discolor, bubble or peel

Our IR Ceramic, Crystalline, Color Stable and FX Premium tint films are our highest performing films. Not just within 3M’s product line, but the entire industry. Stop by for a quick demo. It’ll be worth your time.

IR Series Ceramic Window Film

With technology driving every facet of our world today, the window film industry was not left behind. While other window film manufacturers just added a ceramic coating to their films, 3M researched and tested until they developed the highest performing ceramic window film in this class, the IR Series Ceramic automotive window film. Developed with nano-technology that provides a high level of infrared rejection for optimal comfort, 3M’s IR Ceramic series is also compatible with 5G devices so you can stay connected with no loss of signal. Available in a range of tints in an attractive neutral color, it is a perfect match to factory privacy glass in SUVs and pick-ups, with twice the performance of factory glass.

Crystalline Window Film

The 3M Crystalline Series automotive window films feature proprietary multi-layer optical film nano-technology that combines more than 200 layers in a film thinner than a Post-it Note. This unique, breakthrough technology is the reason a clear film can reject more heat than many darker films. Crystalline film is available in various strengths and tints, including clear and unique light tints that maximize visibility and block out up to 67% of solar energy and 97% of infrared rays for incredible heat protection.

Color Stable Film

3M Color Stable films provide a rich appearance with color dispersed throughout the thickness of the film. This ensures years of UV blocking and heat reduction performance with no chance of the film turning purple. Durable and virtually maintenance-free, Color Stable film is non-metallized so it won’t interfere with mobile devices.

FX Premium Film

3M’s FX Premium window tint film is the most affordable option we offer, and it provides a high-performance, high style option that delivers outstanding heat rejection and UV blocking. With a sleek charcoal tint in a variety of shade levels, this premium tint increases privacy and reduces glare and interior fading.

Expert Installation

Whether you drive a truck, SUV, crossover, sedan or convertible, our service guarantees no bubbles, no seams and a perfect bend around any car’s curves – no matter how complex the design. Window film is the perfect touch to boost your cool factor as well as protect your eyes, skin and interiors from the harmful UV rays.

Call the professionals at Window Tint USA to ensure all your modifications are within the law of your state and to make sure you get the best application with the best possible visibility and appearance. Don’t let the sun go down on another glaring day – give us a call for all your automotive window tint services today.

See the Difference

To see how 3M window films might look on your car, try this Auto Window Film Simulator.

Automotive Window Film Pricing

Truck showing window tint

2 Doors TRUCK/SUV/Crossover

FX Premium$129
Color Stable$129
Crystalline (Crystalline 70 Recommended)$179

SUV showing window tint


FX Premium Complete SUV$329
Color Stable Complete SUV$399
Ceramic 2 Doors$169
Ceramic Complete SUV$499
Crystalline 2 Doors (Crystalline 70 Recommended)$179
Crystalline Complete SUV$579

Car showing window film installation


FX Premium$229
Color Stable$329
Ceramic 2 Doors$169
Ceramic Complete Car$369
Crystalline 2 Doors (Crystalline 70 Recommended)$179
Crystalline Complete Car$499

Automotive Window Film Services


ClearPlex Exterior Protection Film$349
*Medical Exemption

Automotive Window Film Services

Windshield Stripe

Windshield Stripe$25

Automotive Window Film Services


Each Panel$125

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