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The Truth About Window Film And Hurricanes

Many Floridians have turned to window film for protection against flying glass and installing it on your building or property comes with a host of benefits. Not only is it an effective way to save energy, reduce solar glare and improve your safety and security, but it can also enhance the aesthetics of the place. But can a simple film actually protect you and your property from the damaging effects of water intrusion? We separate the fact from the myths when it comes to hurricanes and this amazing innovation.

What is Window Film?

Window film is a polyester product that, usually made from a substance known as Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET). This type of film is applied to the interior surface of the glass area, such as in a home, car, or building. They can also offer a scratch resistant coating for better protection of the film. This product is high performing, long-lasting and durable. In fact, as a testament to their durability, many installers (us included) offer a warranty up to 15 years on commercial installations and lifetime on residential installations. The longevity of the film depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Film Type
  • Glass Type
  • Window Construction
  • The Location of the Property
  • The Installation Techniques

Often issues like peeling, rippling, cracking and bubbling will be covered under the warranty, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the product.

What are the Different Types Available?

There are a wide variety of types to suit your needs, ranging from ones that are clear to those that are composed of multi-layer of PET for better protection against shattering. Other options include those that are tinted by pigments or metals to limit the amount of visible light that is transmitted through the window, as well as block heat. And in order to fit in with your aesthetics, there are also decorative films which can be used to replicate the look of etched patterns or frosted glass. It’s important that you choose a company that is reputable, certified, and experienced to install your window film, in order to guarantee that it is done correctly and effectively.

Can a Window Film Protect Against Hurricanes?

As window film is designed to hold glass in a window together, it can prevent shattering and help with impact-resistance. This means that it can prevent potential physical harm caused by shattered glass, as well as prevent injury (associated with glass breakage) from entering and causing damage to the building. However, this comes with a caveat, as it is not a solution for hurricane protection, nor is it a replacement for hurricane protection measures, and it cannot stop the glass from breaking. As of a 2011 law in Florida, window film is not considered to be solely hurricane-resistant, therefore it’s important to not forego your other means of hurricane protection. It’s important to bear in mind that anything that can strengthen your home is a beneficial for you and your property’s protection.

What are the Benefits?

An important aspect is its ability to significantly reduce usage. This is achieved through reducing the need to use an air conditioner, as the room does not get as hot because of the protective cover on the glass. Additionally, lighting costs are not increased as more natural light is allowed in. A reduction in solar glare also means that furnishings are less susceptible to sun damage. This means that your interior is less exposed to fading and can last longer.

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