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Top Three Reasons to Tint Your Car Windows

The top three reasons to tint your car windows are comfort, privacy and style. Let’s face it – if you’re living in Florida, the heat is a fact of life. The interior of your vehicle can reach over 150 degrees in the summer. Not only is that miserable for you and your passengers, it means damage to your interior.

Lower the heat and avoid cracked leather seats and surfaces with 3M’s scientifically proven automotive window films. Invest in your vehicle and your comfort.

#1: Comfort

3M auto window tinting installed by a pro like Window Tint USA on Florida’s Treasure Coast helps you stay cool and comfortable. 3M auto films are designed to lower heat, block UV rays and reduce glare in your vehicle, making your safer and more comfortable on the road.

We can help you pick the best option for your vehicle. Whether you want an optically clear film that doesn’t change the look of your vehicle or you prefer a dark tint, we have options. Florida tint laws allow for 15% or more visible light transmission on back and rear vehicle windows. Front windows must allow 28% or more visible light transmission.

We’ll show you the difference with samples in our shop. One of our top recommended films is 3M’s Ceramic IR Series. This series offers some of the best heat rejection using nano-ceramic technology. Ceramic IR 15 is ideal for back and rear windows and provides 99.9% UV rejection, 67% glare rejection and 67% infrared energy rejection. Ceramic IR 30 is ideal for front windows and provides 99.9% UV rejection, 59% glare rejection and 67% infrared energy rejection. That’s a comfort difference you will definitely feel on a hot day!

#2: Privacy

Don’t want people peering in your car windows? Block the view with 3M’s auto window tinting. With a variety of tint levels to choose from, you can choose how dark you want to go.

3M’s Crystalline Series is a perfect choice to add privacy and function to your vehicle. It is designed to enhance the view from your car and keep the heat out. Crystalline CR 2O is the darkest tint in this series. It allows for 17% visible light transmission and works well for back and rear windows. The next darkest film in the series, Crystalline CR30 allows for 33% visible light transmission, making it perfect for front windows.

#3: Style

And of course, you want your vehicle to look good! 3M auto window tinting adds style along with comfort and privacy.

If you want to match the appearance of tinted factory glass, 3M Color Stable Series is an option that provides a rich tint. It’s a nano-carbon film with deep, long-lasting shade that never fades or turns purple. With options offering up to 99% UV protection, 79% glare reduction and 61% infrared energy rejection, Color Stable film gives you style and function that stands up to the Florida sun.

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