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Get a 3M Lifetime Warranty for Your Home Window Film

Your home is where you are building memories. It’s the center of the universe for you and your family, and you want it to last a lifetime. You also want it to be comfortable and efficient for your family. And that is why you are considering having window film stalled. Window film can block heat, UV rays and glare, preventing skin damage and fading furniture and surfaces. And it can lower the energy needed to heat and cool your home. When choosing window film for your home, you’re making an investment in home improvement. So go with a company that offers proven technology and lasting value. With professional installation from Window Tint USA, you get a 3M Lifetime Warranty for your Home Window Film.

Guaranteed Lasting Performance

Window Tint USA is a 3M Certified Dealer Installer. That matters, because when installed by certified professional, your window film comes guaranteed for years to come. The 3M Lifetime Warranty says that, when installed by a 3M certified installer, interior window film will maintain its solar reflective properties, adhesion and protection properties and not bubble, peel or crack for as long as you own the home. Based on your windows and the type of film you select, other factors such as glass failure, seal failure and discoloration also may be covered.

Depending on the type of windows you have and issue you want to address, exterior window film may be the best choice for your home. When installed by Window Tint USA, 3M’s exterior window films are also covered by a warranty. Exterior installations are covered for up to 10 years, depending on the type of film installed and slope of the window.

If 3M Window Film installed on your home by Window Tint USA is found to be defective under the 3M Lifetime Warranty, we will replace the defective film free of charge.

3M Means Value

3M is a global leader in film and adhesive technologies. As a pioneer in the industry, 3M holds the very first patent on window film. Innovation has continued at 3M, with industry leading window film and window tint products for home, commercial, auto and marine use.

Protecting Your Investment

So how do you care for your new 3M window film once it’s installed? 3M window films are designed to be easy to maintain, but make sure to read the specifications in the 3M Lifetime Warranty.

Wait at least 30 days before cleaning the windows. Then, you may clean the windows with gentle cleaning solutions, including ammonia-based products. Soft cloths, sponges or squeegees are recommended.

To keep your warranty in effect, do not use abrasive cleaning agents, brushes or anything that might scratch the film. Also, do not apply tape or any other adhesive products to the window film.

See for Yourself

If you have a question about how to choose window film for your home, business, car or boat or would like an estimate on commercial window film, residential window film, automotive window film or decorative architectural film in the Pompano Beach / Fort Lauderdale / Miami area, contact Window Tint USA at 954-960-0212 or visit