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How Strong is Security Window Film

security window film

Safety is everyone’s concern. With the increasing threat of vandalism, a larger world population, ease of travel, and accessibility to weaponry, crime and spontaneous break-ins are on the rise. When assessing your asset for its possible weaknesses, a miscreant will always look for the path of easiest entry, which has always been glass. Building and … Read more

Window Tinting Service You Can Trust

Window Tinting Service

Light. An essential part of living. Too much of a good thing can kill you though, and South Florida is famous for its sunshine. That is why window tinting is an essential part of our lives. We need it to keep our AC working well, and protect our assets.  Did you know that tinted windows … Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Window Tinting

car window tinting

Pimp My Ride may have inspired plenty of DIY-enthusiasts to take their car’s features into their own hands, but car window tinting certainly shouldn’t be one of them. While motorists may think window tinting professionals drive a hard bargain, it is undeniably worth that little bit extra. Here’s why: Eight Reasons to go Pro for … Read more

Why You Need Commercial Window FILM

commercial window tinting

Whether your building is a sleek office space towering ten floors high or a retail store showing products in its windows, commercial window tinting is a necessity in today’s world, and especially in South Florida.  The way of modern architecture for commercial buildings today sees many of them being glass-fronted, inviting the outside in, and, … Read more

Tips for Yacht Tinting

yacht tinting

Out with the old and in with the new Florida, the sunshine state, revered for its warm climate and tropical disposition, it’s no wonder everything from our cars to our yachts have tinted windows, but yacht tinting, in particular, can be a difficult process to undergo. That said, it’s a necessary one, what with our … Read more