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The #1 Reason to Tint Your Home Windows

There are many reasons you may want to tint your home windows and glass doors. You may want to reduce your carbon footprint and be more eco-friendly by lowering the energy needed to heat and cool your home. You may want to reduce the heat that comes into your home and creates “heat pockets.” You may want to cut the glare when you’re working from home, reading or watching TV. You may want to protect your skin from sun damage so you don’t have to wear SPF sunscreen inside. And you may want to add decorative style, privacy or security to the glass in your home. But the number one reason most homeowners tint home windows and doors is to prevent fading. Window tint can protect your floors, rugs, furniture, cabinetry and artwork from sun damage.

Tint Your Home Windows to Prevent Fading

In Florida, fading and sun damage is a fact of life. The bright red cushions I bought for my patio furniture last spring are already turning pink. The power of the sun is relentless, and I’ll have to replace them next year. Unfortunately, the same thing happens inside your home. It may take a little longer indoors, but anything exposed to natural sunlight will fade. That includes your flooring, especially hardwood flooring and rugs, your furnishings, and even cabinetry and artwork. The sun also damages objects over time, weakening fabric and destroying finishes.

When you invest in a brand-new piece of furniture, you may not be thinking about the fading and sun damage that will start as soon as you place it in your home. But with untinted glass windows, interior fading is a given.

Many museums and art galleries eliminate windows all together, but that isn’t a practical solution for your home. And unless you like the look of heavy drapes and window treatments that block out all the light, that’s not the answer, either.

3M provides the solution. High-quality window films block UV rays and heat transfer – the primary causes of fading – and still allow you to enjoy natural light in your home.

Block the Sun, Reduce the Fading

Sources of FadingThere are several factors that contribute to fading of surfaces. Ultraviolet rays, also called UV rays, cause approximately 40% of fading. Visible light and solar heat each contribute another 25%. The remaining 10% is caused by miscellaneous factors. These include the quality of the fabric or material, artificial lighting in the home, cleaning agents and the frequency of cleaning.

3M Window Films block up to 99.9% of UV rays and reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat. The exact amounts blocked, as well as the amount of visible light blocked, depends on the window film you select. Three products to consider are 3M™ Residential Prestige Window Film, 3M™ Sun Control Prestige Series and 3M™ Sun Control Film Ceramic Series.

A 3M Certified Dealer / installer such as Window Tint USA in Pompano Beach, Florida, can explain the options and help you select the best window film for your home.

Ten Reasons to Tint Your Home Windows

Tint your home with window film to:

  1. Reduce fading of furniture, flooring, rugs, cabinetry, artwork and surfaces.
  2. Extend the life of your furnishings and equipment.
  3. Allow natural light in, but block heat and sun damage.
  4. Improve comfort inside your home.
  5. Reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the space.
  6. Reduce glare and eye discomfort.
  7. Enhance your view, day and night.
  8. Add privacy by blocking the view into your home.
  9. Increase safety and security with films designed to hold glass together even when shattered.
  10. Add value to your home.

Is Tinting Your Home Windows Worth the Investment?

In a word, yes. Especially in South Florida, tinting your home windows is definitely worth the investment in high-quality residential window film and professional window film installation. By tinting the windows in your home, you will protect your belongings and increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Select 3M Window Film to give you peace of mind from a company with a proven record. When professionally installed, 3M window films come with a comprehensive, limited lifetime warranty for residential installations. For more information or an estimate on residential window film in the Pompano Beach / Miami area, Request a Quote, call 954-960-0212 or visit

Learn Why Your Window Film Installer Should be 3M Certified

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