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Save Money on Energy Costs with 3M Window Tint – Window Tint USA

There is no question that summer in Florida is hot. The heat from the sun coming through your windows raises the temperature of your home. This is known as “heat transfer,” and it causes your air conditioning system to work overtime to keep your home cool. Remember, the heat will always seek the cold. As a result, your energy costs go up. Home window tinting from 3M Window Film is a cost-effective way to reduce the energy needed to cool your home. By tinting your home windows, you can save money in the summer and over the long-term.

Lower Your Power Bill with Home Window Tinting

Window film can applied to the interior or exterior of glass doors and windows to reject the sun’s rays. 3M Window Film is a highly engineered, micro-layered window tint film that offers maximum benefit for your home and family. According to the 3M, tinting your home with specialized 3M window films reduces your energy costs and allows air conditioning systems to work more efficiently. This can reduce both your power bill and the wear and tear on your HVAC system. In a commercial facility, 3M window tint can lower your cooling costs by as much as 30%.

3M Window Films block up to 99.9% of UV rays and reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat. The exact amounts blocked, as well as the amount of visible light blocked, depends on the type and tint of the film you select. Four products to consider are  3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Exterior Series, 3MTM Residential Prestige Window Film, 3MTM Sun Control Prestige Series and 3MTM Sun Control Film Ceramic Series.

A 3M Certified Dealer / installer such as Window Tint USA in Pompano Beach, Florida, can explain the options and help you select the best window film for your home or business. “The research from 3M says that in three to five years, you can reclaim the investment you make in window film through energy savings,” says Jim Luck, owner of Window Tint USA. “But you’ll feel the difference right away when you walk past your windows and don’t have those pockets of hot air you are used to feeling.”

The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

In addition to energy savings, home window tinting offers other benefits to your home. By rejecting UV rays, window tint reduces fading and sun damage to floors, furnishings, artwork and cabinetry. Various tint options are available, so you can choose the amount of light you want to let into your home. Window film doesn’t have to mean darkly tinted windows. There are nearly transparent options that block the sun without changing the look of your windows. Of course, you can also choose tints that help with glare control. And there are options that enhance privacy and security as well.

Protect Your Investment in Your Home

Especially in South Florida, tinting your home windows adds comfort and value to your home. High-quality residential window film and professional window film installation are an investment in your family’s comfort that also helps protect your belongings from fading and increases your home’s energy efficiency. Don’t be tempted to purchase lower quality film or skimp on professional installation. Do your research to learn Why Your Window Film Installer Should be 3M Certified.

Select 3M Window Film to give you peace of mind from a company with a proven record. When professionally installed, 3M window films come with a comprehensive, limited lifetime warranty for residential installations.

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