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Prolong The Life Of Your Yacht Tint

Your yacht is your baby. You want to look after it and treat it right, especially as the upkeep can be continuous and costly. One great way of keeping your yacht in tip top condition is by investing yacht tint. If you already have it then knowing how to prolong its effectiveness will help keep your yacht in great shape.

Why get a tint for your yacht?

A tint for your yacht’s windows offers a number of benefits that are advantageous for your safety and security. However, it’s important to make sure that your yacht window tinting is in compliance with the Florida yacht tinting rules and regulations.

How does a tint work?

A tint involves the lamination of a clear layer of film that is fitted over the glass of a window. Transparent in color, this film acts as a protective shield against the sun, and controls the amount of heat and light that comes through. It’s then possible for you to choose the shade of film for your windows determining how much light you want in each room.

What are the Florida yacht tinting laws?

It’s important that before you apply window film to your yacht, you make sure it’s in compliance with USGC yacht tinting regulations. This means that there are laws in place about the level of tint that you can use on your yacht (and even your car too) as a safety precaution for you and others, especially if you are the captain of the vessel. The windshield and the windows surrounding need to be big enough for the captain of the boat to see clearly and easily, for proper navigation. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in legal problems and require costly re-dos at a later stage. By hiring a professional from the start, you can avoid any issues and make sure that you get the best quality tint that lasts, while obeying the rules.

Why is it important to prolong the life of your tint?

The longer your yacht window film lasts, the better protected you are from numerous factors. This includes the glare from water (which can reflect of the light and cause a potentially dangerous blind spot. In addition, tinting windows help to reduce the eyestrain and resulting fatigue that are common when looking out onto the ocean. Because your yacht is constantly exposed to the sun, wind; sea and other eroding and harmful elements, your yacht tint may weather some damage. Should you notice any bubbles, cracking or adhesive-weakening signs on your window film, it’s important to replace it immediately (and if it’s covered by the excellent warranties that come with window tinting, this can be done at no cost). It’s therefore important to make sure that you do an annual check of the yacht to see that everything is functioning as it should be, in order to prevent a build-up of damage in the future.

What other benefits does a window tint offer my yacht?

Another incomparable benefit offered by a window tint is its ability to regulate temperature, which is especially ideal when exposed to the glaring sun. By controlling the amount of sun that gets in; the temperature is reduced, and the yacht is less likely to overheat, especially when docked. You won’t need to use the air conditioner as frequently, which means that you’ll likely save the equipment and reduce energy costs and save money. Furthermore, window film can also help protect you and your yacht’s interior from the damaging effect of UV exposure. It protects your eyes and your skin from the sun’s rays, as well as reducing the fading effect on your furnishings. And as long as it’s in compliance with the tinting laws, it can also provide you and your guests with privacy.

The majority of films that we at Window Tint USA choose do not contain metal, like other competitors’ do. 3M’s Prestige line of films are multi-layer nanoparticle patented technology. It diffuses the intense part of the light spectrum (900 – 1100 nm) and still lets the visible light be transmitted, all while not having metal content. This also eliminates the possibility of the tint corroding. To find out more about the benefits of yacht tinting, call us at: 954-960-0212 for your free estimate.