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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

How to Choose a Window Film Installation Company

Window tinting is a necessity when living and working in the bright South Florida sunshine. Choosing a window film installation company among many can be difficult. You want people who know what they are doing so that you can rest easy that your car, office, or home interior will remain undamaged by sunlight, with the highest quality tint.

When it comes to installing window film, it needs to be done the right way first time. You want a company that offers superior quality service, good customer care, and a warranty that will leave you feeling secure about the investment you are making to protect your property. Window Tint USA has almost 40 years of window tinting experience, having seen a wide array of challenges and tinting technology. We have all the attributes that we believe make us the perfect choice for all your window film needs:

  • Versatile Range of Products

    Whether your tinting needs are for a company or home, automotive or marine, you want to know you are in experienced hands. We assess your personal needs and give you access to flexible solutions. Our wide range of products cover UV protection, shatter resistance, and opacity and style. We also boast 3M certified workers who use their superior knowledge to tailor make a window film that ticks all your boxes without compromising quality and strength.

  • Flexibility

    Our consultants know that window tinting is not only about coverage, but understanding the demands that a window faces on a daily basis and what kind of protection it needs. Marine windows near docks and on boats will need to face bright environments and strong winds, but you may want to have visibility without making the inside dark. Taller buildings need insurance against tremors and storms that may cause glass to shatter, endangering workers. Some companies who work at night may want tinting that protects their building during the day, but allows clear vision through the windows at night for an unfiltered view of the night life. We can custom make any film that you require. The benefits are functionality, as well as style and elegance.

  • Experience

    Precaution needs to be taken when applying window film to ensure that there are no bubbles, scratches or weak points – or the integrity of the window is lost. Similarly, removing old window film requires the use of water and dangerous chemicals like ammonia, which require a safe environment to remove. The scraping and peeling that follow also leave your windows at high risk of irreversible damage. Our experience ensures the application process goes smoothly and with all the safety measures to protect your property.

    Having professionals apply your window film matters the most when it comes to security and protection. Window Tint USA offers films for windows that are more susceptible to breakage from crime, storms, or impact. These films put pressure on the glass and cause the heat to accumulate within the window rather than inside your property – reducing cooling costs and putting stress on your AC. Rely on a trained professional to apply these films properly.

  • Certified Professionals

    Window Tint USA has 3M certified professionals who will use the utmost care when removing or applying film. The 3M certification also gives you a warranty that covers any labour or material costs that may arise should you notice defects. This means that you will never be left with anything short of perfection, and you will be backed by insurance that will make your property as protected as possible.

  • Customer Care

    Last, but most importantly in the list, is customer care. Owner Jim Luck prides himself and his company on quality products, excellent service, and respect. For this reason, Window Tint USA rarely accepts deposits on work done. We want to build trust with our clients and show you what we are made of. We work to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the end result, which you will be a part of creating so that nothing is left uncovered, on your windows or your peace of mind.