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How Does Anti-Glare Window Film Work?

A glare can be an issue and not just in summer, especially for those who live in Florida and enjoy the benefits of warm weather all year round. Excessive and uncontrolled bright sunlight can make it difficult to focus or see, and this can cause visibility issues like eye-strain, migraines, general discomfort and other problems. And the older you get, the more sensitive your eyes become to the potential glare associated with sunlight. If you’re struggling with glare, but don’t want a limited view in a dark room, an anti-glare window film is the answer for you. It offers an effective and easy solution to these problems, along with numerous other advantages. Read on to find out more about why this window film is an ideal addition to your windows.

What Does Anti-Glare Window Film Do & How Does it Work?

Available in a wide range of protection, this cost-effective and viable solution can be customized to meet appearance and performance level needs to suit every taste. An anti-glare window film offers a modernized and more effective alternative to traditional glare eliminating methods such as blinds or curtains, which prevent light from passing through, and make the room dark and limit outgoing vision. Contrarily, glare reducing window film allows light to pass through the glass keeping your room filled with light, but significantly reduces the amount of glare. This means that you get all the benefits of light and a view without the negative side effects, such as headaches, squinting or blurriness. Once installed, it requires no maintenance and can be easily wiped clean when necessary.

What Other Benefits Does Anti-Glare Window Film Provide?

    • Sun Protection

      It offers other practical benefits such as reducing the amount of UV rays that pass through the glass, filtering out as much as 99%, which is not only beneficial for you and your family’s health and safety, but also acts as a barrier for those who are particularly sensitive to sun, and the damage it can cause on your eyes. This window film also reduces fading on furnishings, protecting your upholstery, furniture and carpets, and prolonging their longevity adding to the sustainability effort.

    • Energy-Saving

      In addition, this form of protection can also help to cut energy costs on your utility bill through the reduction of heat. In summer, it helps to keep the room cool, whereas in colder months, it works to retain the heat and keep the room warm, meaning that you can cut down on using the air conditioner or heater throughout the year.

    • Ideal for Businesses

      Anti-glare window film also has aesthetic appeal, as it come in varying shades of opacity and hues. You can decide on the performance characteristics that you require. This means that you can customize your choice to best suit your tastes, while still getting the same glare reduction benefits. This is ideal for most businesses where employees work on computers and laptops, and require natural lighting without the glare. There is a trend towards using glass in buildings, and therefore there is a demand for modern high-tech window films that are cost-effective and productive. This makes it a pleasant environment for employees, and prevents them from feeling unfocused or distracted by the sun, as well as protecting their skin. This can also reduce the heating and air-conditioning costs too, which is ideal in a large work space.

  • Protection Within Your Car

    When it comes to glare in your car, this can be a safety hazard, endangering you and other drivers on the road. Installing anti-glare window film in your car can help protect you from not only the glare effects of the sun, but also significantly reduce the amount of UV exposure on your face and other body parts- which can be highly damaging to skin. In addition, the interior of your car is protected from fading through sun damage.

An anti-glare window film is a cost-effective solution that offers multiple advantages. Call 954-960-0212 for more information now, or to arrange a consultation to discuss what options are available to you and be sure to request a demo of how these films work.