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Safer Schools with Security Window Film

The uncomfortable reality facing schools in Florida is the increase in school shootings and a lack of security to protect the people inside. When installing ways to improve safety, security window films should be added to the priority list. Glass windows are important for creating light to make a healthy learning environment but are the weakest point of a building when faced with adverse weather or threats of an attack.

The Advantages of Security Window Film

Many schools use tempered glass due to the cost being less than half of laminated windows. Luckily instead of reinstalling new windows, security film can be retrofitted onto the glass without disrupting daily schedules or closing down operations. Adding an impact resistant film to the windows in schools will fortify glass surfaces and make them resistant to blast impact and shattering.

Shatterproof films are tear-resistant and will break off cleanly to reduce the amount of glass-related injury should an accident or impact occur. In a school filled with children facing an emergency, a reduction of glass debris will help keep the children safer by reducing injuries.

Florida is also prone to adverse weather and adding a film to glass will reinforce it against damage incurred during severe weather. A large risk during natural disasters is when gas and electrics have not been turned off appropriately and may cause explosions from the inside. If such a blast were to occur, security window films will keep the radius of the blast to a minimum.

Safety in Layers

Creating layers of protection within a school is important in order to deter a potential attacker while increasing the time available to school officials and security to respond to danger. By fortifying the weakest entry points and adding protective window tinting, a potential threat may be discouraged when faced with a surface that requires a lot of effort and time to penetrate. Creating an environment that prevents easy entry will turn out to be the safest for the building’s inhabitants.

Certain types of window tint can also create a reflective or obscured surface, reducing visibility for the attacker and preventing them from seeing into classrooms and open areas. Additional sight obstruction can be made with room dividers and partitions that are tinted to create a safer environment for children and staff to find protection behind. Additional security can then be added to these glass barriers through use of furnishings, book cases and portable whiteboards.

Window film is not the only solution to increasing safety in school, but it is an important component that should be heavily considered. Always work with professionals to assess the level of security in your school to create an environment that allows for learning and socialization but will also act as a barrier from danger or accidents.

Consider adding security films to the glass exteriors of your schools, especially your entry points such as reception and security, to ensure that you prolong unwanted entry for as long as possible. Security window films will buy the staff and children time to respond to an emergency situation and follow the security procedures. After all, prevention is the best cure.

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