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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

Improve Life With Window Film

Window film is a valuable asset for improving your quality of life and your property. Whether for your home or commercial property, or for your yacht or automobile, applying a window film will enhance your life in more ways than one. Window Tint USA uses 3M window tinting technology that allows natural light to flow in evenly while blocking heat and harmful UV rays, protecting your glass while making it stylish and sleek. Discover the diverse range of benefits that a good film can offer to improve your life and comfort.

Protection in More Ways Than One

Here are a few of the incredible ways in which adding film to your windows will help with protection:

    • Cut Out the Sun Rays

      UV rays and heat are the main culprits for fading furniture and turning a room into an oven. Our films reduce UV rays by 99%, and also block heat by 78% to reduce the damaging effects of the sun. Reduction of UV rays is important with regards to your personal health, where sitting in a car all day or working near a window could put you at risk for prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

    • Anti-Glare

      Adding a film to the windows in your car or yacht will also help to increase visibility while reducing eye strain. Tinting removes glare from the ocean, lakes and other vehicles to protect your eyes from a long day out on the water or in the car. Because visibility drastically increases with tinted film, the risk of accidents is also reduced.

    • Fading Away

      By adding a film to your glass, you will not only be saving yourself, but also the stylish furniture in your home or the precious leather interior of your car or yacht. Tinting the glass of any property you own will extend the lifetime of your skin as well as the interiors of your home or vehicle.

  • Tough and Strong

    Window film offers a protective and durable outer skin for glass, useful against strong weather and breakages. The film will prevent shattering and potential harm to people and surroundings, as well as protection against impact. In your car or home, protection film can also aid against broken windows and theft.

Window Tint to Enhance Privacy

Our wide range of tints and films offer you privacy while still allowing natural light to enter a space. For automotive tinting we have varying strengths and tints which will prevent prying eyes from seeing into your car, protecting yourself and your valuables to let you rest easy that no one can peer into your property.

In offices additional privacy can be added to partitions, senior offices and boardrooms by adding a design or frostings.

Bathrooms can also be decoratively tinted either on the glass leading to the exterior, or glass doors on the interior, which are especially helpful for more interesting or modern designed bathrooms.

Style Your Way

Think bigger than normal frosted glass. There are so many design styles of window tint which can be added to large expanses of glass, giving additional privacy or complimenting other textures in the building.

Adding a clear film also allows you to be more creative with the interior of a room. For a modern home, the right film can remove the need for drapes and maintain a feeling of minimalism while still giving an even spread of light and protecting your furniture.

In offices, especially in the creative industry, window film can be used to hide the clutter and keep the office space feeling open and neat. Films reduce the need for blinds, and bulky dividers can be exchanged for stylized glass dividers that keep the place looking elegant and professional.

Not Just A Pretty Face, But Also Energy Efficient

The wonderful benefit of reducing heat and glare means that the interiors of rooms or vehicles are insulated and can maintain a stable temperature. Tinting makes residential and commercial properties energy efficient, saving on cooling costs and largely reducing your carbon footprint.

By maintaining an even temperature in the heat of South Florida, you will also be saving your HVAC on maintenance which will increase its lifespan, adding to the list of saving you will make.

Besides all of the benefits to your standard of living and safety, window film has the advantage of being easy to retrofit onto existing windows. Call Window Tint USA for a quote on installing this new and comfortable lifestyle onto any of your properties. We ensure a quick and easy installation that can get you living more comfortably now.