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Choosing The Correct Commercial Window Tint For You

Commercial window tint is becoming an increasingly popular building modification for businesses. With so many different types of film available, businesses choose to apply window tint for several varying reasons. Common reasons for installing commercial window tint are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Improving the comfort of the workspace
  • Safety, security and privacy
  • Longevity of the quality of belongings

Commercial window tint has many benefits for your workspace. It can add to a bright and naturally illuminated environment whilst preventing glare and harmful UV rays, controlling the temperature and granting the perfect amount of privacy. It can also boost the aesthetics of your building.

Window film can come in different colors and thickness. Choosing the best commercial window tint for your business will depend largely on the purpose of the film. Here are a few types of window film available, and the various businesses that they would best suit.

Solar Window Film (UV protection)

The days in Florida are dominated by the sun. If you have a corporate office with large windows, this can make for an incredibly uncomfortable working environment as you struggle with the glare and finding the optimum temperature on the aircon. Productivity is decreased due to lack of comfort, and there can also be distractions from outside.

Solar window film allows natural light to filter through the glass, but also provides protection against the sun’s glare, heat and harmful UV rays. This creates a comfortable and illuminated environment that enhances productivity in the corporate office. When the solar film is tinted, it also reduces the glare that affects visibility on a computer screen.

Deluxe Window Film

Deluxe window films are designed to reject extremely high levels of heat from entering the room. This is a great solution for businesses that need a cooler environment with a lot of natural light. Especially if there are operations with the need for temperature control, or where a comfortable environment is a high priority, such as a restaurant catering for patrons.

Decorative Window Film

What better way to encourage potential clients to use your design agency services than to have an aesthetically pleasing building? Decorative window film is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your building and add a design statement whilst performing a more practical function. Decorative film is well suited for a creative workspace as it filters light, adds an element of design and enhances the aesthetics of the building.

Protective Window Film

There are many instances when the window of a building needs to be transparent for viewing purposes, but the goods inside are highly valuable and need to be protected. Protective window film is the perfect solution for galleries, banks, jewelry stores and the likes. The transparency of the film allows for the merchandise or happenings to be on show, but if broken, the film will protect and prevent the glass from smashing.

The strong and clear protective layer is an improved security measure. Designed to strengthen and protect vulnerable windows and doors, the transparency does not reduce the appearance. It is also wise for galleries, museums and showroom displays to include a film that offers UV protection so that the content does not get damaged from the sun.

Reflective Window Film

In other instances, your business may not want outsiders to be able to see inside. Reflective window film fulfills the purpose of controlling the heat in the room and preventing the entry of UV rays. The shiny mirror appearance on the outside adds class to the building. If you have any behind-the-scenes operations, such as the kitchen of a restaurant, that you do not want in the public eye, then reflective window film is a great solution.

Whatever your commercial needs are, there will be a window film to best suit them. Commercial window tint can massively boost your aesthetics, security and comfort. Contact us for advice on what film would best suit your business.