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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

Match Your Car Window Tint to Your Budget

There are many different car window tint types on the market, but you need to find a window film that suits your specific needs as well as your budget. Window film is more than just a means to add aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. It can serve as protection for your vehicles interior as well as protection for you and your passengers by reducing the amount of light that enters your vehicle, enabling you to drive without squinting at the roads. Window film will also protect you and your passengers from harsh UV light, which can lead to problems with your skin.

Window Tint U.S.A. makes use of 3 different high-quality tints; the FX Premium film, the Color Stable film, and the Crystalline film. The range on offer ensures that it has everyone covered, regardless of their budget without compromising on window tint quality.

FX Premium Film

The FX Premium tint, while affordable, ensures that you are on the receiving end of absolute comfort by negating the effects of solar energy that would pass through your windows by approximately 45%. This ensures that you are able to stay cool, comfortable, and safe from harmful UV light. As the film is non-metalized, you shouldn’t have a problem utilizing your phone or other network or GPS dependent devices.

The intensity of the tint, up to 95%, is dependent on you and how you would like your vehicle to look as well as on local state regulations. If you would like to have your windows tinted for your peace of mind, consider the ever-affordable FX Premium film. There is no compromise on quality, regardless of the cost.

Color Stable Film

The beauty of this film is almost unrivaled with its stunning appearance and due to the quality of the film, you will benefit from this tint for many years to come without the risk of your window film fading. Due to the process involved in creating this nano-carbon polyester film, it ensures that you are able to benefit from its heat negating effects without hindering your ability to use your mobile or other connected devices.

A mid-range film in terms of cost, but it can negate the effects of solar energy passing through your vehicles windows by approximately 57%, while protecting you and your vehicle from the sun. Like the FX Premium film, you are able to choose the intensity of your window tint up to 95%, but it does depend on local regulations.

Crystalline Film

The Crystalline film is everything that a high caliber window tint should be. This film, unique to 3M, utilizes multiple layers of optical film nanotechnology to combine more than 200 layers into the finest film on the market today. It negates more heat than the average tint without altering your vehicles appearance.

This film is able to negate the effects of solar energy by approximately 60% and ensures that more than 96% of all infrared rays are negated as well. It is the ultimate film in terms of luxurious comfort as it enables visible light to pass through the film without impeding your vision. It is available in a variety of film intensities; the choice is yours.

Tint USA offers 3M certified automotive window film services to suit all budgets, utilizing FX Premium, Color Stable, and Crystalline film. With our expert film installation services, we can guarantee that there will be no bumps, bubbles, or rough edges on your tint job, regardless of how intricate your vehicles windows are.