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It’s Not Just Tint: Automotive Window Tinting Film Improves Safety and Helps Keep your Focus on the Road

Experience and skill notwithstanding, all drivers are subject to pesky solar glare. The U.S. Department of Transportation attributes about 9,000 motor vehicle crashes in the United States per year to glare. That is more crashes than are directly accredited to rain, fog and snow, combined. These figures are particularly alarming when considering The Sunshine State’s ranking in 2021 fatal car accidents, which trails only Texas and California, respectively, according to a survey conducted by World Population Review.

Since being granted the first solar control window film patent in 1966, 3M™ has produced the industry’s most sophisticated automotive window films. As 3M™ certified installers, Window Tint USA can provide you with automotive window tinting that reduces dangerous sun glare and enhances safety and comfort on the road.

By offering 3M™’s top automotive window film products, Window Tint U.S.A. can meet your design and budget specifications while maintaining exceptional performance standards.

How 3M™’s Crystalline Series Combats Solar Glare

Don’t let the Crystalline Series’ subtle appearance deceive you. Its seemingly clear films reduce solar glare by up to 77% while rejecting no less than 99% of harmful ultraviolet light. These figures are unmatched by many of the industry’s darker window films, making Crystalline window film a reliable option that demands minimal changes to your car’s look.

Automotive window tinting doesn’t have to be tinted. The clarity and glare reduction of 3M Crystalline Series Window Film make it ideal for application to windshields. Clear Crystalline film can be applied to the entire windshield, unlike tinted films which can only be applied in a narrow strip at the top of the windshield.

Crystalline film is composed of over 200 layers and is thinner than a Post it® Note, made possible by 3M™’s cutting-edge optical film nanotechnology. Crystalline window film yields a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 1000, providing excellent comfort and safety to drivers and passengers.

Crystalline film also leads 3M™ products in infrared rejection, blocking as much as 97% of harmful IR waves from damaging your eyesight and vehicle.

You can find further information on the Crystalline Series, including model figures and customer reviews, here.

Choose Style and Comfort with 3M™’s Color Stable Series

You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort with 3M™’s innovative nano-carbon polyester, which serves as the fabric of Color Stable window film. This series offers films widely recognized for superb color retention and durability. Color Stable film provides up to 90% solar glare reduction and all variations reject 99% of UV light, never compromising safety while promoting tasteful appearances.

This nano-carbon infused automotive window tint film directly challenges tinted factory glass on account of its affordability, outstanding performance and non-metallic properties that do not intercept GPS or satellite radio reception.

Find further details and resources on the Color Stable Series here.

Effective, Affordable Glare Reduction Offered by 3M™’s Obsidian Series

The Obsidian Series diminishes as much as 91% of glare while transmitting only 8% of visible light, making it one of 3M™’s best products at countering solar glare. It is also one of the industry’s most adaptable window film series, offering eight product variations of acclaimed affordability and performance standards. These tinted films are designed to meet virtually any aesthetic specification, featuring crystal-clear Obsidian 70, thickly shaded Obsidian 5 and everything in-between. All variations provide an SPF of 1000 by blocking 99% of UV light and are made from non-metallized window film that is durable.

Read more about the Obsidian Series and its figures here.

Maximize Glare Reduction with 3M™’s FX-HP Series

Simply put, 3M™’s FX-HP Series offers the most effective glare-combative automotive window tinting film on the market. Posting a figure of 97% glare reduction, FX-HP film makes your vehicle nearly impenetrable to distracting solar glare, allowing for unparalleled attentiveness and comfort on the road. It also reflects as little as 5% of visible light and rejects 99% of UV light transmission.

As for its keen appearance, FX-HP films are coated with a charcoal finish engineered by 3M™ for excellent aesthetics and improved visual light deterrence.

Find more information on the FX-HP Series here.

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