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What is Ceramic Window Film?

If you hear the word “ceramic” and think of figurines sitting on your grandmother’s shelf, you may be wondering what ceramic window film actually is and how it works.

Ceramic window film is a type of clear or tinted window film that can be applied to windows and glass doors in your vehicle, home or commercial building. The film is comprised of micro-thin layers with ceramic-based nanoparticles. Unlike older technology window films, there are no metallic particles in the film, so it does not conduct electricity or block Wi-Fi, GPS or satellite radio signals.

Ceramic window film can be completely clear, lightly tinted or darkly tinted. The revolutionary clear film blocks the UV rays and heat of the sun as well as darker tinted films, giving you the option to have all the benefits of window tint without changing the appearance of your windows.

Benefits of 3M Ceramic Window Film

3M has always been a pioneer in advancing window film technology. 3M earned the first sun control window film patent in 1966 and has continued to innovate ever since. The benefits of 3M’s ceramic window films for automotive, residential and commercial use include:

  • Strong, durable window film that does not fade
  • Blocks infrared light, reducing the solar heat that comes through the glass
  • Keeps your vehicle, home or office cooler
  • Rejects ultraviolet (UV) rays, reducing exposure to skin cancer, sun damage and fading
  • Reduces glare and reflection
  • Holds broken glass together to reduce the danger of glass shards
  • Comes with 3M comprehensive warranty when installed by 3M certified installer

3M Advanced Nano-Ceramic Film for Your Car

Click to see the 3M Ceramic IR Series brochure.

Due to the absorptive nano-ceramic technology, 3M’s Ceramic IR Series automotive window film offers up to 95% infrared rejection and up to 63% total solar energy rejection. In summer, the reduction in heat transfer keeps vehicle interiors more comfortable and reduces the energy expended on cooling. In winter, it keeps cool air in and reduces the energy expended on heating.

3M Ceramic IR Series window film also blocks up to 99.9% of ultraviolet light, providing a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000+. You and your passengers are protected from the skin damaging effects of UV rays. Your car’s interior is also protected from cracking and fading.

Additional benefits include up to 93% reduction in the glare from blinding sunlight, no reflectivity to disrupt your view and 3M’s limited lifetime warranty. The metal-free design will not interfere with electronics, GPS, satellite radio or mobile devices, including 5G. And 3M Ceramic IR Series automotive film is available in a range of neutral tints to maintain or enhance the appearance of your car.

3M Sun Control Ceramic Series Window Film for Your Home or Commercial Building

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When applied to the windows and doors in your home, office or commercial building, a.k.a. “flat glass,” 3M Ceramic Series Window Film delivers outstanding performance.

With up to 80% rejection of infrared rays, up to 63% rejection of total solar energy and up to 99% rejection of UV rays, the result for you is reduced energy consumption and costs, comfortable interior temperatures and less glare on your TV and computer screens. And you don’t have to worry about reflectivity ruining your view. Unlike metallic films, 3M Ceramic film has low reflectivity so you can enjoy the view from your windows day or night.

By blocking UV rays, 3M Ceramic Film reduces sun damage to interior surfaces, so your floors and furnishings stay vibrant much longer. This improves sustainability by reducing the number of times you have to replace furnishings.

Ceramic window film can also make your home or commercial building look better. By eliminating the need for blinds or drapes, ceramic film provides uniformity across your windows and doors.

If you don’t like the purplish tint of dyed films or the mirrored reflection of metalized films, ceramic film is a better choice. 3M Ceramic Series films are available in completely clear or in a range of tints that are a neutral shade with no metallic sheen. You can keep the look of your home or office as is or enhance it with a neutral tint.

These films are easy to maintain, durable and non-corrosive. When professionally installed, 3M window films come with a comprehensive, limited lifetime warranty for residential installations and up to 15-year warranty for commercial installations depending on the product and installation.

Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth the Investment?

Ceramic window is usually more expensive than metallic window tint, so you may be wondering if it’s worth it. The simple answer is yes. The advanced technology and performance of 3M Ceramic window film is worth the investment. In addition to comfort and energy savings you’ll see and feel, you’ll also reap long-term benefits of reduced exposure to the UV rays that cause skin cancer, sun damage and fading.

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