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Decorative Window Film For Privacy

Decorative window film is often overlooked when it comes to protection of privacy. The great thing about decorative window film is that it is versatile, as it not only transforms your glass into a canvas of art, but also serves as protection.

How Does Window Film Work?

Decorative window film works as an additional layer applied to the surface of glass; a thin opaque design covers the window’s surface, thereby affecting its transparency. This gives your windows an extra layer of privacy while also giving them the beauty of decorated glass.

Here are some places where decorative window film can be used:

    • Bathroom: Frosted shower glass can turn your see-through shower into a beautifully designed space – the great thing about this is that the surface of the shower glass is large enough to allow for patterns and designs, not only transforming the shower into a private space, but also turning your bathroom into an attractive environment.


    • Large Office: Offices make use of large windows and glass walls in an effort to make the cubical spaces seem more open. However, it can be difficult to get lots of light in when so many separate rooms or cubicles must be built. This leads to a reliance on artificial light, which in turn adds to electricity bills. Here is where decorative window film makes its mark, as you can allow for light to pass though, while simultaneously creating a private space! You can take advantage of its style as well, as many offices make use of the decorative feature by branding company logos or patterns onto the glass itself.


    • Home: Many modern homeowners want an open-plan design but still have privacy from the neighbors. Keeping your home free from the neighborhood’s eye has never been easier – the variety of different decorative window films mean that you are not restricted to the type or size of window used. Common types are tinted glass, etchings, frost and print – which serve to distract onlookers from peering in, as its decorative surface draws the attention to itself instead.


  • Small Business Owner: Whether it is a restaurant, hairdresser or small shop, decorative windows can create a beautiful addition to your business, while simultaneously protecting it from the view of unwanted guests. When thieves can’t see something of value, they don’t have much of a motive to break in.

Decorative window film is not limited to the above listed places, nor is it limited to just windows or shower doors. With modern technology today, the only limit is your imagination. From automotive window film, etched glass cabinets to name-branding glass walls, companies such as Window Tint USA can provide all that you need to turn your ideas into a reality.