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Keep Your Car’s Brand-New Look with Paint Protection Film

The joy of driving a brand-new or freshly painted car quickly turns to devastation with the first nick or scratch. Paint damage often occurs through no fault of the driver, so many car owners accept common wear and tear as unavoidable. But there is an alternative. With 3M’s innovative Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film, you can eliminate nicks and scratches and keep your car’s sleek finish.

How Paint Protection Film Works

3M’s world-class production team developed  Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film to maintain the integrity of your car’s paint. It protects against road debris, rock chips, bug damage and other elements that contribute to scratching and long-term wear and tear. 3M™ Paint Protection Film (PPF), also known as a clear bra film, deters UV light while remaining durable and virtually maintenance-free.

By means of its eight-millimeter polyethylene fabric construction, 3M™ PPF provides unmatched scratch, puncture and tear resistance. Its urethane-based coating yields superior durability, supported by 3M’s ten-year warranty when installed by a 3M Certified Dealer such as Window Tint USA. Additionally, paint protection film contains self-healing technology that promptly eliminates minor scratches with no lasting damage to the film’s coating.

Paint Protection Film can be expected to perform for at least ten years and requires minimal maintenance. Routine washing and waxing similar to that of unprotected cars is recommended.

Installation is fast and computer-assisted for optimal precision, preserving your car’s showroom quality within hours.

Costs of Paint Protection Film

Window Tint USA offers four PPF packages to fit varying budgets and performance standards. Our most comprehensive packages offer paint protection film installations to your vehicle’s most vulnerable locations: hood, bumpers, headlight, rear quarter panels, fenders, side mirrors and pillars.

The Base Package, our most affordable installation, features bumper, headlight, side mirror, partial hood and partial fender PPF applications. This installation covers the most damage-prone locations at a fraction of the cost of other packages, listed at $850.

For full hood and fender applications in addition to the Base Package’s listed features, the Premium Package can be purchased for $1,900.

The Deluxe Package includes all possible PPF applications for $2,650, with the Daytona Package additionally extending full ClearPlex Windshield Protection Film installation at a total cost of $4,300.

Window Tint USA

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