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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

Commercial Window Tint Services 101

Commercial buildings, such as offices, warehouses and retail, have the responsibility of providing a comfortable environment that is cost effective for employees and consumers. Applying window film to commercial buildings is one way to ensure that employees, clients and potential clients are comfortable in the working environment, whilst monitoring the cost-effectiveness of insulation. It is an affordable way to improve day-to-day operations. Highly energy-efficient, and aesthetically enhancing, commercial window film is a top choice for many companies.

Window Film

Window film is the thin laminate that is installed on the interior or exterior of a window’s glass surface. It can be tinted, opaque or transparent, depending on the purpose and aesthetic preference. With a 10-15 year commercial warranty, it is used in both residential and commercial building for a variety of reasons.

Benefits Of Commercial Window Film

Applying window film to a commercial building can improve the comfort of the working environment, increase safety and security, and reduce energy costs.

  • Cost Effective Solution

    Window tinting has the potential to lower temperatures by 15 degrees. This saves money on air conditioning, and lowers the carbon footprint of your business. The energy savings will give the business owner an immediate return on investment.

  • Consistent Comfort

    Maintain a comfortable working environment by reducing the uncomfortable glare of the sun, and the heat it transfers. Common sun-related problems such as temperature fluctuations, hot spots and glare are easily, and affordably, solved with window film. This amazing film ensures that 99.9% UV rays are rejected, and reflects a maximum amount of heat. Employees and clients alike can now be kept comfortable as the sun’s glare and harmful UV rays are filtered through the film. This improves overall productivity in the workspace.

  • Safety, Security And Privacy

    Adding window film to a commercial building will add protection to the most vulnerable areas of a building. Tinted windows improve the safety of a building by decreasing the visibility of the interior which will decrease the chance of break-ins. In addition, if the glass is broken, the thickness of the film prevents harmful shattering of glass that can result in injury. There is even specialized anti-theft film that can be applied. Adding window film to your commercial building will also improve privacy for your employees inside as they will be protected from the gaze of passers-by.

    The interior belongings of the building are also protected from the sun’s glare which causes fading – increasing the longevity of the furniture.

  • Aesthetic Enhancement

    Adding film to a commercial building can enhance the aesthetics of the building. The variety of window films available means that you can choose one that best suits your company’s appearance. This is one way to attract potential clients that are passing by – it also protects the glass from getting scratched.

Window film for your commercial building can be customized to your needs. This means that you can choose a film that best suits your heat rejection preferences, your security needs and aesthetic choice. Due to the variety of functionality and purposes offered by window film for commercial buildings, it is best to speak to certified professionals in window film on how best to approach the investment.