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Window Tint and Window Film Installation from Jupiter to Miami

Boat Tint – Sea-nic Protection

Marine and boat window film bring the cool factor to your boating experience in more ways than one. Undoubtedly, boat tint brings a smooth, sleek look to your sea vessel, elevating your style level on the docks; but it also has may practical perks.


Tinting offers you with an element of privacy. Available in various levels of opacification and in various colors, boat film allows you and your loved ones to truly relax however you choose to on your boat. Whether you are on the water or at the docks, tinting allows you to feel protected, safe, and comfortable.

Interior Damage

Boat window film offers filtration of UV light – this provides protection for you, your family, and all your interior features from the harsh and damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. This level of protection extends the life of every precious thing on board – increasing upholstery and furnishings life by up to 75% by reducing bleaching, chipping, and thinning of materials and decreasing your chances of developing skin cancer.

Driving Comfort

The tinting also helps reduce the glare from direct sunlight on the windshield, as well as the light reflected off the water, improving the visibility when driving and the quality of your ocean view. If you’re worried that tinting may affect your visibility, we also have an almost clear, non-metallic aesthetic film with the same filtration and anti-glare properties of regular tinting.

Climate Control

Both the clear and tinted films offer infrared filtration and thereby help regulate the temperature inside the boat, adding the cherry on the top for your comfort and, overall boating experience.

At Window Tint USA, our new almost clear Crystalline window film is designed to provide the ultimate protection from visible light, infrared light and, harmful UV radiation.


Window tinting also adds protection to your boat experience by increasing the strength of the windshield. This means that I can withstand more intense forces on the water that may be associated with severe weather. The film also helps hold shattered glass in place – reducing the risk of injury to your loved ones or yourself by sharp glass projectiles and small glass pieces on the floor and saves you from lengthy clean-ups.


Applying window film to your boat or marine vessel is very difficult and requires a high level of skill and experience as some designs have unique curves which are difficult to follow. Some boats are always on the water which means that application would have to happen on a bobbing boat! Getting a professional to apply your boat tinting is also protective as they will be familiar with state regulations for personal and commercial water vessels.

At Window Tint U.S.A., we pride ourselves in our service and are passionate about delivering the best quality in film production and application. Precision in measuring, cutting and application without bubbles all on a structure that is never stable is a tall order – but we’ve got you covered. Contact us about applying window film to your marine vessel today!