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For many years, people have used window tinting in order to modify or enhance their windows. Car and boat windows are examples of windows that have been given the tint treatment.  Nowadays more and more people are using home window tinting as a way of enhancing the decorative appeal of their homes.

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is when thin laminate film is fitted to windows. It can be fitted to both the interior and exterior of the window depending on how it is used. It is usually made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family. Window tinting presents as darkened windows and comes in various grades, shades, colors and thicknesses. Window tinting can be used for things such UV filtration, heat reduction or simply decoration.

What is Decorative Home Window Tinting?

Decorative home window tinting something that people are beginning to use more and more. It is adding a laminate film to the windows of homes for decorative purposes. In other words, it is making windows more aesthetically appealing or beautiful by using window tinting.

Why Use Decorative Home Window Tinting?

As mentioned earlier, people use decorative home window to make their windows and thus homes more beautiful but why use window tinting instead of, for example, sand blasting?
Window tinting, because it is simply the addition of a thin film over the window, is relatively easier and cheaper to install than other methods of window decoration when done by experienced professionals.

How Can Window Film Be Used?

  • Decorative Home Window Tinting

    Decorative home window tinting can be used to simply beautify windows. Because with window film, you can add virtually any patterns or shapes to your windows, people have made use of window tinting to turn simple pieces of glass into beautiful works of art. More and more people have therefore began using it in kid’s rooms and play areas to bring life to them. The addition of a princess or a racing car to the window is something many kids welcome as it adds visual appeal to their areas.

  • Practical Advantages of Home Window Tinting

    Decorative film can also have practical advantages. Almost all of us have found ourselves walking into glass windows or doors that are extremely clear. People have started using home window tinting as a means of stopping this while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of their windows. For example, adding a few patterned bands of home window tinting to clear glass doors make them much more visible and so prevent people from not only walking into them but also from breaking them. Decorative tinting in the form of these visibility bands is seen as an excellent alternative to other techniques like placing a sticker on the window. Home window tinting can still improve privacy by blocking people from seeing into the home and also often prevents the interior of homes from things like glare or getting too hot.

Tinting has become a common way for people to transform not only the windows of their homes but also their homes in general. They use home window tinting as a way to improve the way their home windows look and often enjoy various other benefits like heat reduction. If you are interested in transforming your home with decorative window film give us a call at Window Tint USA.