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Going Green with Commercial Tinting Services

Architecture has evolved through the years, exploring many design trends and features. Today, the trend leans toward incorporating glass into commercial and office building designs for its sleek and professional finish. Storefronts take advantage of the durable and transparent nature of glass for displays and marketing. Commercial tinting services offer decorative, aesthetic, and protective advantages to the inclusion of glass into your business; but most of all, it allows you to create an eco-friendly corporation, reducing costs and your carbon footprint.

Why Go Green?

According to the US Green Building Council, commercial buildings are responsible for a massive 40% of the national carbon footprint. Window film application is an appropriate action for resource-efficient building and renovating as it has been shown to reduce energy and resource consumption by up to 25% and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 34%. If this massive impact isn’t a good enough reason, check out all these other ways going green with commercial tinting can improve your business.

  • A Green and Comfortable Business

    Commercial tinting offers filtration of visible light and anti-glare to maximize in-door visibility and create comfortable working conditions by reducing hot spots and glare. This reduces the need for excessive lighting which not only improves energy efficiency, but productivity and ambiance.

    Filtration of infrared light provides an element of in-door climate control; studies have shown that window film can help regulate up to 15-degree temperature swings. This helps keep employees and customers in a cool, comfortable and consistent environment all year round, all the while lowering energy requirements and operating costs of air conditioning.

  • A Green and Sheltered Business

    Commercial tinting also provides protection for your employees, customers, furnishings and equipment from harmful ultraviolet light. UV rays are mostly invisible and can cause equipment to become brittle or melt. Exposure to UV rays also increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Window film reflects up to 99% of UV rays thereby protecting employees and equipment from burning, bleaching and warping. Increasing the life and use of equipment decreases waste and is an eco-friendly and wallet-friendly advantage of tinting services.

  • A Green and Protected Business

    Glass walls and windows may be thought of one of the weakest and most vulnerable parts to a building. Window film increases the strength of the glass, making it more difficult to break. This offers added protection from break-ins and severe weather. This level of protection protects resources and reduces debris and negative environmental impact of natural disasters on industrial areas. Window film also helps to hold the glass together to prevent projectiles and large shards in the event of shattering, preventing personal injury and property damage.

Trusted by South Florida’s Landmark Perspectives, Window Tint USA sets the standard for service and professionalism in window film application. Our staff have many years of practical experience through which they have developed and utilize a proven systematic approach to large project to guarantee a trouble-free installation. If you are interested in, or have any questions about, commercial tinting services, contact us today!