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Why You Need Commercial Window FILM

Whether your building is a sleek office space towering ten floors high or a retail store showing products in its windows, commercial window tinting is a necessity in today’s world, and especially in South Florida.  The way of modern architecture for commercial buildings today sees many of them being glass-fronted, inviting the outside in, and, most importantly, inviting clients and customers in. You may be surprised to hear it, but putting window film on your office glass can have a financial, emotional, and environmental impact on the livelihood of your business, employees, and customers. Let’s look at the reasons why:

  1. It deflects & protects

    Window Film deflects the harmful rays of the sun, without which the UV and glare would damage items on display, making them fade or spoil. Not to mention, the glare of the sun can be painful to look at, leaving it less likely for potential customers and clients to look your way.

  1. Customer & employee satisfaction

    Do you like being ogled at? Of course not. Making use of window tinting film will keep your customers and your employees happy, knowing that they can go about their business without prying eyes looking in, while still feeling the aesthetic advantages of large, open glass-fronted windows and walls.

  1. Increased Safety

    Always being visible can lead to your commercial property being vulnerable. Window tinting averts curious onlookers and makes it less likely for something to catch the eye of the man on the street, while also eliminating the window as an entry point. Furthermore, it leaves potential thieves in the dark about your security systems due to being unable to monitor It when opening up and closing up.

  1. Better for your health

    You may be inside but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from the sun and all the health problems that come with it. Certain window films are approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, providing your employees and customers with 1000 SPF and preserving your health in the long-term.

  1. Less vulnerable to impact

    With the ability to withstand impacts such as flying debris and slowing down smash-and-grab situations due to its strength, safety/security window films can act as a deterrent while also protecting what is behind its glossy sheen. Not to mention, vandalism becomes a blip on the radar with safety film being quick and easy on the purse strings when it comes to replacing it.

  1. You’ll get utility and tax rebates

    Now isn’t this convenient? Choose the right company and you’ll get Leed credits for your business because you’re being clean and green by making use of energy-saving tinting which protects you and the environment.  In some cases, 4 Leed credits are available with the installation of certain 3M films.

  1. Lower Cooling Costs

    We all know Florida in summer, don’t we? Because window tinting deflects rays from the sun, you’ll find yourself having to use your HVAC equipment less often and not to such a strong degree.  Did you know, you save as much as 30% on your cooling costs with the addition of window film?

  1. Extends the life of your HVAC equipment

    Because your office air-conditioning system will be used less not be put through such a strenuous day-to-day existence thanks to the power of deflection, your equipment won’t burn out as fast as it might have, allowing you to keep it for longer.

  1. Allows you to avoid adding more

    A natural spin-off of point eight, commercial properties with window tinting have office air-conditioning units that are under less strain, which are lasting longer, in buildings that aren’t as hot, allowing business owners to avoid having to add more HVAC equipment.

  1. Often comes with a warranty plan

    Making use of a professional window tinting service will come with excellent service and a warranty all backed by 3M.