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How Strong is Security Window Film

Safety is everyone’s concern. With the increasing threat of vandalism, a larger world population, ease of travel, and accessibility to weaponry, crime and spontaneous break-ins are on the rise. When assessing your asset for its possible weaknesses, a miscreant will always look for the path of easiest entry, which has always been glass.

Building and vehicle windows are easily compromised and are usually the prime targets. Fortunately thanks to technical advances in plastic (yes plastic) you can turn a security flaw into a strength and give a prospective thief a hectic headache. So how does a piece of plastic change all this? Enter 3M’s security window film. Of course, it’s a lot more than just plastic. Many years of research and development has gone into producing this security product. It all began with shatterproof glass the glass industry and their introduction of bullet proof and impact glass. This is where 3M went to work to produce a retro fit product. At the beginning of last century, an increasing number of people were being injured by shards of glass in auto accidents, spontaneous glass breakage and everyday household accidents. So, 3M sought a way to mitigate this problem. The solution they came up with is a film laminated to existing glass that now holds the glass together, and in certain applications, holds the broken glass in the frame, post glass breakage. Basically, a pane of plate glass in a commercial/residential setting, is now upgraded to a federal safety code of 16 CFR & ANSI Z97.

3M has taken this a step further with their security film. Applied by certified installers, such a Window Tint USA, the film is constructed of micro layers and is tear resistant. This keeps the structural integrity of the window even after repeated impacts, making a pane of glass as strong as a ballistic security door. The harmful shards of glass that could potentially injure staff and customers in a commercial setting are contained, allowing for an easy clean-up and replacement of the pane.  This product is also available for the auto industry, including a variety of tinted films

There are a range of different strengths of film available to suit your needs. The Ultra series which is clear (appears invisible to the casual observer), and perfect for a shop display window setting. This series is 6.6 – 8.5ml thick and blocks up to 97% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, reducing your stock on display from fading.  Customized, tinted densities are also available, blocking up to 50% of incident light (handy to keep your auto cool, protected and obscure valuables). Several different types of adhesive are also offered, some bonding the film to the window frame, and others ensuring that the security film is well bonded to the glass substrate. 3M has a limited lifetime warranty on its films, making sure that whatever your choice, it will remain as good as new many years later.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by this range of choice, why not consult one of our experts at Window Tint USA for free advice and quotations? No project is too large or too small for us, so from an office building to your veranda door, we will do it all.

Life Safety is not negotiable, and a crucial aspect to daily living or running a successful business. Don’t get caught with your pants down by leaving your windows unprotected. With security window film from 3M, installed by Window Tint USA.