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The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Window Tinting

Pimp My Ride may have inspired plenty of DIY-enthusiasts to take their car’s features into their own hands, but car window tinting certainly shouldn’t be one of them. While motorists may think window tinting professionals drive a hard bargain, it is undeniably worth that little bit extra. Here’s why:

Eight Reasons to go Pro for Your Car Window Tinting Needs:

  1. You’re promised a better fit

    Thanks to clean-cut technology such as Computer-Cut Film, many car window tinting offerings allow for that perfect fit on your automobile’s glass surfaces. Your FILM will look as if it came with the car the day you bought it.

  1. Your car will be less vulnerable to impact

    We drive our vehicles everywhere every day, and because of the vast number of other vehicles on the road, it’s all the more imperative that motorists take measures that will protect them in the case of external impact, whether it’s from a stone that was kicked up by the car driving in front of you, or any other manner of unforeseen circumstances, the window film will actually hold the glass together.

  1. Car window tinting deters break-ins

    Car window tinting ensures that your windows are stronger and will be much harder to smash. If motorists opted for the darker film, their interior of their vehicle would be difficult to see making it less viable for a passing chancer – outta sight – outta mind.

  1. It will protect your car interior against the sun

    3M window film protects your car’s interior against the sun which ensures that your seats and dashboard are protected from fading. 3M Crystalline will actually block out 99.9% of UV rays.  Your vehicle will remain in good-as-new condition on the inside which will also aid in maintaining its resale value at a later point.

  1. Window tinting keeps things feeling cool

    Car window tinting keeps your car cool when it is parked in the sun, ensuring it is easier on the engine (and your own temperature levels) when cooling it down while driving. Imaging driving your car and never having the blower on more than the “1” setting, Ahhhhhh

  1. It also keeps things looking cool

    Don’t fret, getting window tinting on your car doesn’t mean you have to drive around with black or dark windows. New technology incorporates 200 layers of proprietary technology from 3M that still doesn’t change the way your windows look from the outside. Furthermore, making use of Crystalline Automotive Film also ensures that your window tinting never fades or turns a turns purple.  Guaranteed, from 3M

  1. It wont interfere with your car electronics

    You’ll still be able to take those calls on Bluetooth, blow through a toll plaza, and yes, keep an eye on that tire pressure sensor. There has long been a stigma around window tinting products that they interfere with your car’s ability to send and receive radio signals. That is certainly not the case anymore. The Automotive Window Films, carried by Window Tint USA are so advanced that they will never interfere with the signal on a mobile phone. Motorists can feel free to take and make calls, use their GPS to navigate, listen to their radio (or livestream their radio favorite radio channel) to their heart’s content.

  1. Professional grade film lasts longer

    As we like to say at they say at Window Tint U.S.A., a price is what you pay and value is what you get! Making use of a reputable car window tinting company will ensure that motorists get all of the above and more and return time and time again.

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