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Window Tinting In The Fight Against Cancer

We have all been misled into believing that the sun only causes damage when we are outdoors. We know that our skin is our largest organ so are very careful to apply sunscreen, wear big hats and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day. We feel safe while indoors and it is just then, when our guard is down, that the sun attacks us the most. Bare windows only protect us from the sun’s short Ultra Violet B rays (UVB rays) Window tinting blocks up to 99% of harmful Ultra Violet A Rays (UVA rays) and keeps us safe, without the need to reapply sunscreen, for all the daylight hours.

Advantages Of Window Tinting In Cancer Prevention

The sun is a lot more dangerous to us than it was a few decades ago. This can be attributed to our thinning ozone layer and the fact that due to the increased use of air conditioning systems, our bodies are less resilient to extremely sunny days. Window tint provides yearlong protection from the harmful UVA rays that penetrate untreated glass and causes up to 85% of melanomas and 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers.

Tinting also cuts 50% of the suns glare while allowing 30 – 80% of visible light through and in doing so, protects our eyes. Although UVA rays are less intensive than UVB rays, they are 30 – 50 times more prevalent and they present with equal intensity during all daylight hours, all year long. Window film protects our largest organ, our skin, even when we are unaware it is doing so.

Window Tinting On Car Windows

Research done in the 1990’s concluded that drivers driving on the right-hand side had more sun damage on the left and vice versa for drivers driving on the left-hand side. The reason being that although car windscreens are tinted, the side and rear-view windows are not. It is vital to consult an expert to apply tint to the side and rear windows of your car, especially if you spend a lot of time driving. The accumulate effect of the sun contributes to skin cancer and photo aging and can be greatly reduced by applying car window tint.

Window Tinting On Buildings

We all appreciate good light and love our cozy chair next to the window or the view from our office desk. The sun however penetrates windows and causes accumulate skin damage without us even feeling like we are burning. Tinting your residential or office windows allows you to enjoy the benefits of your cozy spot or view without the potential danger of getting skin cancer. There are many different types of window film to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Customize your windows from decorative designs to simply different shades.

No one wants to wear sunscreen and sunglasses indoors yet we are all sun smart and know the dangers of exposure to the sun. Window tinting can be a lifesaver for people with diseases involving photosensitivity such as xeroderma pigmentosa and lupus. Don’t let financial constraints be a deterrent to seeking advice on getting your windows sun safe. Start small by tinting the windows you are next to the most i.e. your car windows and encourage your employer to tint the office windows. Consult a window tinting expert to advise you on tinting the windows in your home. Skin cancer is preventable and The Skin Cancer Foundation has given the Seal of Recommendation to window film. Beat the odds of being a skin cancer statistic and apply window tint.