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Window Tinting for Arched Windows – What You Need to Know.

Architectural arched windows make a beautiful impact on homes and commercial buildings. We often take a look at decorative window styles like this and appreciate the look of them without thinking about how they are made. In the heat of the summer, you may decide you want to have solar window tinting installed to block heat and UV rays – again without thinking about how those arched windows are made. For this and many other reasons, the home window tinting installer you choose is important. To prevent potential complications, it’s critical to choose the right window tinting for arched windows.

A 3M Authorized Dealer Installer like Window Tint USA in Pompano Beach, FL, can advise you on what you need to know about window tinting for arched windows. Here’s what Jim Luck, owner of Window Tint USA, wants you to know.

The RIGHT Window Tinting for Arched Windows

Image this scenario … It’s July, and the days are long and hot. The sun is beaming through your big arched windows, and you decide to get window tint installed. You call a local window tinter, and they install interior tinted window film without taking the time to inspect your windows and see that you have impact glass. The film is great and you are happy … until December when you see a large crack spreading across your living room window.

Before you choose a window film installer to tint your arched windows, make sure the installer you are working with is a 3M Authorized Dealer who knows their stuff. Breakage is more common in arched architectural windows than in square or rectangular window because of the way they are made. The wrong window tint can cause arched windows, thermal glass or dual pane windows to crack or shatter months after installation.

How Arched Windows are Made

As you might image, it is easier to make straight cuts to a brittle material such as glass than it is to cut curves. When arched glass windows are being cut, the cuts are not always “clean,” which means small chips form along the cut. These are called “clamshell” imperfections in the glass, because the small chips give the cut edge a scalloped look. This is usually covered by glazing on a finished window, so the chips are not visible.

Why it Matters When Tinting Arched Windows

The small “clamshell” chips in arched glass cause weak points in the glass that are prone to breakage under stress. When window tinting for arched windows is installed on the interior of the glass, the heat is allowed to come through the glass before being blocked by the film. This reduces the heat that comes into your home, but not the heat that is absorbed by the glass itself. When winter comes and the air cools down, uneven temperatures thorough the glass can lead to cracks and breakage.

Exterior Window Tinting for Arched Windows

Interior installation is not advisable for arched windows, dual pane windows or impact glass. Window film installed on the inside allows the sun’s heat and UV rays to come through the glass before hitting the film and being bounced back. With dual pane windows, this means the sun passes through each pane twice. This can cause significant heat to build up between the panes.

3M’s Sun Control Window Film Prestige EXTERIOR Series is installed on the outside of the glass, blocking UV rays and heat before they ever enter your home. 3M Prestige EXTERIOR Series blocks up to 97% of infrared light. It provides sun protection, enhanced comfort and energy savings, and it comes in a number of options. Prestige film can enhance your view from the inside while maintaining an attractive view from the outside. It also blocks the UV rays that cause skin damage and fading of your furniture, flooring and artwork.

Exterior installation of 3M window tinting films has many benefits:

  • Safe for arched, impact and dual-paned windows.
  • Prevents heat build up in the glass or between panes.
  • Installers don’t need to come inside.
  • No need to move furniture or equipment.
  • Window film is safe from scratches from pets and kids.
  • Can be combined with Security window film to add additional protection to your home.

Call Window Tint USA for Exterior Window Tinting Installation

Exterior window film is durable, virtually maintenance-free and backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get – when installed by a 3M Authorized Dealer Installer.

If you are in the Pompano Beach / Miami area and you’re interested in window film for your home, call us. The professionals at Window Tint USA will consult with you. For more information or an estimate call 954-960-0212 or visit

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