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Exterior Window Film Blocks the Sun BEFORE It Gets In

Up until recently, residential window films were usually installed on the interior of the glass. Exterior window film is exposed to the weather, while interior window film is protected from the elements and less subject to damage. At least theoretically. In a home with children and animals, that might not be true. And interior installation has a significant drawback: it’s not advisable for dual pane windows.

With interior window films, the sun’s heat and UV rays come through the glass before hitting the film and bouncing back. With dual pane windows, this means the sun passes through each pane twice. This can cause significant heat to build up between the panes.

3M Prestige EXTERIOR Film Solves the Problem

The scientists at 3M bring science to life by solving problems like this. 3M’s Sun Control Window Film Prestige EXTERIOR Series blocks UV rays and heat before they ever enter your home. And it’s strong and durable enough to stand up to the weather.

3M’s durable exterior window film technology solves the performance issue, making exterior window film an ideal choice for many reasons:

  • You don’t need to worry about your dog, cat or child scratching interior window tint.
  • Dual pane windows can be tinted from the outside, preventing heat build-up between the panes.
  • Windows that are hard to access from the interior can be tinted from the exterior.
  • Contactless estimating and installation are available.

Protect Your Home and Your Family

The sun’s UV rays cause sun damage in your skin as well as fading of wood, fabrics and other surfaces. If you have noticed hotspots, glare or fading from the sun coming through your windows, you can bet it’s affecting you and family, too.

UV blocking window tint, also called UV blocking window film, adds UV protection to your home. 3M Prestige EXTERIOR Series blocks up to 97% of infrared light to provide sun protection, enhanced comfort and energy savings. And it comes in a number of options that enhance your view from the inside while looking attractive from the outside.

When installed by a 3M Authorized Dealer Installer like Window Tint USA, exterior window film is backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get.

Learn how window film reduces fading.

Keep the Sun – and the Installers – Out

We install this high-performance window film on the EXTERIOR of your home, so we can measure your windows, provide an estimate and install your new window film without ever entering your home. This fully contactless service is a perfect option for improving the comfort and function your home at time when it matters more than ever.

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