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Luxury Car Tinting: Adding Value to Your Investment

A luxury vehicle is so much more than just a vehicle – it becomes a part of the family. Its smooth ride, sleek interiors and gorgeous exteriors give you goosebumps and its new, shiny feel makes you warm and fuzzy on the inside. One of the things you want to invest in when purchasing a luxury car is tinting. But window tinting comes with its own list of pros and cons.

Auto Tinting Pros

  1. Sleek Look

    This is one of the main reasons people actually tint their windows: appearance. Dark films, interesting shades, textures – all these things can boost the cool factor on your luxury car to out-of-world proportions. It also helps reduce the ability to look into the vehicle, giving you well deserved privacy.

  2. Temperature Regulation

    This is a fantastic feature of window film as it can significantly improve your driving experience. Now you and your passengers feel cooler and more comfortable with less input needed from the air conditioning – saving fuel and protecting the environment.

  3. Sunlight Protection

    This mean that your interior features – seats, dashboard, special features – are all protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun as it can cause warping, bleaching and distortion of these features. Window film also protects you from UV rays.

    Protection from sunlight also includes reducing glare for better visibility and an easier, more comfortable drive.

  4. Shatter Protection

    Window film holds the window together so that in the event of an accident, the glass does not shatter into innumerable pieces. This protects the occupants of the vehicle from flying glass shards and secondary injury.

Auto Tinting Cons

  1. Reduce Visibility

    Some people worrying that adding film can reduce the outward visibility when driving at night. This can create dangerous situations and can lead to accidents. However, there are new age films that are created to not obscure your vision and there are some films that offer glare, UV light, and shatter protection without tint -–i.e. 3M crystalline film – should you not want to tint your windows.

  2. Regulations

    Make sure you are aware of the tinting regulations in your state as the degree of tinting allowed changes. Sometimes these are specific to car, model, state and season; so just check with your nearest traffic department so that you stay within the law.

  3. Difficult Installation

    Sometimes window film can be difficult to actually place onto a vehicle because of the natural curves of the chassis. Incorrectly applied film or poorly applied film can lead to bubbles, crack, folding and other disasters that can not only ruin the look of your vehicle but also your chances of ever safely driving your car again. Hire a professional, like Window Tint USA to ensure perfect application every time.

Overall, you can see that the benefits far outweigh the risks associated with window tinting for your car. Not only do they improve your look, but they add temperature regulation, sunlight protection, shatter protection and improve economy. If fitted by professional, the best film for you will be selected and installation will be a breeze. If you are thinking of installing window tint on your luxury vehicle, or if you have any questions about window tinting or our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!