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Window Tint Makes a Great Gift for Father’s Day

As Father’s Day approaches, think about the Dads in your life. Young or old, fathers or father figures, Dads enjoy their wheels! Window tint makes a great gift. Whether he has a short commute, a grueling bumper-to-bumper daily grind, or is retired and heading to the golf course, a vehicle with window tint installed to cut the glare, reduce heat, block UV rays and add privacy will make each trip more enjoyable!

Window Tint Makes a Great Gift

Window Tint USA and 3M have a film that’s perfect for every Father’s Day gift.

If Dad drives an SUV with factory privacy glass on the back windows, add sleekness and complement the look by tinting the front two windows. If he’s sporting the latest sedan, add high performance window film to enhance his style and protect his investment. And don’t forget truck-driving Dads. Window tint for trucks looks great and adds comfort and practical performance. Tinting rear slider truck windows is no problem at Window Tint USA.

And if Dad spends more time in his boat than his vehicle these days, window tint is a great Father’s Day gift for him, too! Learn more about marine window film for boats.

Because He’s the Cool Dad

Window film can make Dad’s car look cool and keep him and the vehicle feeling cooler, too. 3M Automotive Window Films come in a number of options that block up to 99% of UV rays and reject up to 66% of total solar energy and up to 95% of infrared heat. That will make him feel more comfortable and protect his skin from sun damage, while also protecting the interior of the vehicle from fading and cracking.

3M Window Film comes in a range of colors from crystal clear with the 3M Crystalline Series to the rich, nano-carbon tints of the 3M Color Stable Series and the 3M Ceramic IR Series. All are non-metallized so they won’t interfere with cellphone, GPS or satellite signals.

The experts at Window Tint USA can guide you on the Florida Window Tinting laws and help you understand how different films will look and perform on windshields, front windows, side windows and rear windows.

Father’s Day Gift Certificates Available

When you want a unique and thoughtful gift for Father’s Day, remember window tint make a great gift that protects dad from the intense summer heat and ultraviolet rays of the Florida sun.

With a nationwide lifetime warranty on 3M film installed at Window Tint USA, you and Dad can be assured he is driving with confidence and you got a great deal. And every time one of his buddies comments on his windows, he will think of you!

Contact Window Tint USA for a gift certificate or consultation. Gift certificates can be sold over the phone or via email, so no personal contact is necessary.

Contactless Service

We can take care of all the preliminaries via phone or email before Dad’s car comes in for the installation. No contact is necessary when he drops off the vehicle, and we will sterilize the vehicle after installation. When Dad picks up the vehicle, he will be thrilled to see his ride all dressed up and happy to know that all the surfaces we touched have been disinfected.

Add that special touch to your Dad’s vehicle, boat, home or business, just in time for Father’s Day – or any day! Reach us at 954-960-0212 or visit