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The Benefits Marine Window Film Provide for Your Boat

Window tint USA is a certified professional window film installer company. They are highly passionate about their specialized craft and have customer satisfaction as the center of their focus. They provide a wide variety of high quality window films, but in this article, we are going to focus on marine window film and why installing it in your boat is a good investment.

With their specially formulated marine window film external factors such as glare or extreme temperatures from the South Florida sun won’t be able to ruin a wonderful time on the water. Along with the added benefit of enhancing the look of your boat, you will also notice the following benefits once your boat has been installed with window film:

  • UV Ray Protection

    Marine window films are able to block almost all of the sun’s UV Rays – we all know that the sun’s harmful rays can often cause certain types of cancer and, in the case of boats, the bright and harmful sun rays shine directly on the large bay windows, which can become very harmful to the driver. Having marine window film on your boat can help protect you and your family from the damaging sun. Window film also helps with sun glare and will help both the driver and passengers have a more enjoyable day on the water.

  • Solar Heat Blockage

    Marine window film can decrease the amount of solar heat inside your boat by about 35% to 65%. This will allow the climate control systems inside to work a lot more efficiently.

  • Boat Interior Protection

    The harmful sun rays can also cause fading and discolor to the furniture and upholstery inside. Properly installed window film, such as the ones provided by Window Tint USA, will offer protection to the interior of the boat.

  • Shatterproof Protection

    The highly effective marine window film technology will provide a shatterproof coating to the glass windows of the boat. This benefit cannot be overemphasized enough – not only does this allow the large bay window to become shatterproof against any unexpected obstacles but they also become burglary proof.

  • Increased Privacy

    Window film can add some privacy – many of the window films on the market today have patterns and shading offering an increase in privacy. This creates a degree of privacy and personal comfort that you can enjoy.

The window film technology provided to you by Window Tint USA creates a more functional benefit than the normal cosmetic enhancements – their Crystalline film line are virtually clear, and having the film installed on your boat is barely noticeable but still gives you the benefit of protection. This film is non-metalized meaning that it will never corrode and last for years.

Window Tint USA has a large number of different types of marine window films, allowing you to choose the one which best suites your style and budget. Contact us today on 954-960-0212 for all your window film needs.