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The Benefits Of Home Window Tinting

Along with looking elegant, home window tinting has many added benefits other than just being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. While many people might think that getting the windows in their home tinted is a waste of money, the benefits from tinting actually helps to save on a lot of hidden costs one did not think of. Household furniture, curtains, and even your flooring can fall victim to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light. With Florida being amongst one of the sunniest states in the USA, the benefit greatly outweighs the cost of getting your windows tinted. We at Window Tint USA have compiled a list of the 5 most important benefits which you can get out of your home window tinting.

  1. Protection From The Skin Damages Of Ultraviolet (UV) Light

    Everyone knows that being in the sun for too long is not good for skin health. The Department of Health and Human Services has declared that UV light rays are a known carcinogen. What this means is that, the more you are exposed to these rays, the higher your chances of developing skin cancer. Not only this, but exposure to too much UV can cause premature ageing. While people may think this is not applicable if you stay indoors, that is not the case. UV rays can penetrate your windows and affect you even when you are sitting inside the comfort of your home. Window film helps to reduce the amount of UV rays that pass into the household by about 90%. So, whether you are health conscious or simply striving to live your best life, home window tinting is the way to go.

  2. Home Window Tinting Saves On Energy Costs

    During the day, houses heat up as the UV light rays penetrate through the windows. This causes people to turn up the AC. The problem with this is that it pushes up energy costs since air conditioning is one the biggest fund-muncher in any utility bill. It is estimated that leaving an AC running at full speed every day for a month can bump up your bills by almost 5 times the amount it would have been. This can all be minimized with the placement of window film. Because of its ability to block the entrance of UV rays, the house will feel cooler, more welcoming, and have your AC working less hard. It also helps to keep the temperature from room to room more consistent.

  3. Protection Of Your Household Furnishings

    UV light rays has the potential to damage household furnishing. Furniture, flooring, and curtains fade after being exposed to UV rays for long periods of time and become prematurely aged after being in the sun for too long. Leather furniture is more prone to drying out and cracking or fissuring and this leave it looking ugly and needing to be replaced. The beauty of having window film is that it prevents this from happening by the blockage of harmful radiation, leaving your furniture safe from damage.

  4. Glare Reduction

    Have you tried watching the football in the middle of the day in your lounge area? It is almost impossible to keep track of what is happening with that annoying glare on the television screen. In fact, window glare is more detrimental than one might think, and can be a trigger for migraines and headaches. Window film causes the glare that one would get from a normal window to be reflected back, making your home a more productive and comfortable place with reduced glare on computer screens, the television, or when doing other household chores.

  5. Privacy And Protection

    Ever had pesky neighbors peeking into your windows while driving or walking past your house? Worried that someone might eye your new flat screen TV and get some funny ideas? Well, the best thing for your privacy and protection is having home window tinting. Windows with film prevent people from being able to see into your house and deter would be trouble makers from break-ins.

If you are interested in upgrading your home to be a more energy efficient, healthy and elegant one, then contact Window Tint USA for a window tinting consultation.