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Residential Window Film Services

The view may be one of the reasons you chose your home. Or perhaps it was curb appeal or natural light. Windows play a huge part in the character of your home. Enhance their function and style with window film from the biggest name in the industry, 3M.

The people who bring science to life have brought innovation, durability and quality to residential window film. 3M Window Films can reduce glare and heat, block UV rays, and add privacy and security to your home. They can even enhance visibility at night.

Gone are the days of dark, reflective films that block all light and turn into mirrors at night. So don’t lose your beautiful view or hide it with heavy window treatments, ask Window Tint USA’s experienced residential consultants for a demonstration of how to enhance it with 3M Window Film.

We will explain your window film options and help you choose the film and tint that best meets your needs and style. If you don’t want the look of your home to change, choose one of 3M’s patented films that are virtually invisible when viewed from the street. Many HOA’s even specify 3M’s patented Prestige Series due to its clarity and performance.

Our certified, professional installers complete your interior window film installation quickly and with minimal interruption. No glass removal, no harsh chemicals, and best of all, no preparation by you. We’ll move the furniture, clean the glass and return your rooms to their original state. You just enjoy the benefits of your new window film, backed by 3M’s residential lifetime warranty.

Residential Window Film Services

Why install residential window film?

  • Comfortable environment. 3M Window Films  reduce glare and reject up to 82% of solar energy, keeping your environment cooler and more comfortable. By controlling hot spots and accumulated interior heat, window film helps you save on air conditioning and the energy needed to cool your home.
  • Reduce fading. Clear or tinted window film can block up to 99% of the harmful UV rays that contribute to the fading of your flooring, furniture, cabinetry, artwork and belongings.
  • Skin protection. Window film also provides sun protection for your skin, blocking 99% of the UV rays that cause sun damage, skin cancer and vision impairment.
  • Safety and security. Security windows films can delay forced entry and reduce injuries by preventing shattered glass from separating into shards.
  • Enhanced appearance. The variety of available window film tints means that you can choose the amount of light that comes into your home and the tone that suits your style.
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