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Be Safer with Security Window Film

They may be functional, practical and beautiful, but glass doors and windows are usually the weakest points in a building’s exterior. They are at risk of incurring damage from vandals, break-ins, severe weather and other natural and man-made threats. 3M Safety & Security Window Films can help protect your home, office, business or school and the occupants inside. 

Broken glass from break-ins and other impact events can cause personal injury and property damage – and allow storm debris or intruders to enter. Protective window films are designed to hold glass fragments together, reducing injuries from flying shards and making it more difficult to break through.

3M Safety & Security Window Film is so effective at reducing injuries from flying glass, a federal Government GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule was created for this application after the Oklahoma City bombing resulted in catastrophic injuries from flying glass. GSA Schedules are long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial firms to provide federal, state and local government buyers with access to commercial products and services at volume pricing.

Security Window Film Protects People and Property

storefront security window filmAvailable clear or tinted for sun control, security window films are proven to hold shattered glass together after an impact, preventing sharp shards and flying projectiles. The patented multi-layer, tear-resistant qualities of 3M Safety & Security Film make the film/glass combination much harder to break and enter through than unprotected glass. This can delay intruders and allow up to two extra minutes for people to take shelter or call for help.

By keeping shattered glass intact, security window film also reduces injuries and saves time and money on clean-up. 

Multiple Options for Peace of Mind

As a 3M Certified Dealer, Window Tint USA offers several options for Safety and Security Window Film to suit your needs and your budget. 

  • 3M Safety & Security Film Ultra Prestige Series – 3M’s top-of-the-line impact and tear resistant technology paired with superior solar control. Micro-layered,  8 mil film provides protection and strength, lowers energy costs, rejects up to 97% of the sun’s infrared rays, and reduces hot spots and fading without changing the appearance of  windows. 
  • 3M Safety & Security Film Ultra Series – Micro-layered, co-extruded 8 mil film provides high energy absorption and tear resistance with superior performance over standard polyester film. Available in clear safety film, tinted sun control safety films and Night Vision series.
  • 3M Safety & Security Film Safety Series – Mitigates the hazards from shattered glass and adds protection against intruders and impacts. Paired with a special thicker adhesive to bond broken glass together, these films offer enhanced security at an affordable price.

Get Stronger Protection with an Attachment System

3M Impact Protection Attachment Systems work with 3M Safety & Security film to offer the highest level of protection. The attachment system bonds the filmed window to the frame to strengthen the hold of the film and glass combination in the frame. Strong enough to handle even a bomb blast (up to level 3a in the GSA guidelines), 3M Attachment Systems and Safety & Security films together outperform film-only installations.

Safety and Security Film for Schools

Due to the increased number of gun violence incidents in schools, many school districts have opted in install 3M Safety & Security Film on school doors and windows.

The Federal Commission on School Safety issued a report in December 2018 that recommends installing safety film in schools, among other strategies. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission in Florida also released a report in January 2019 that listed “ballistic resistant glass covering” as one recommendation to improve school safety.

Added Protection for Vehicles

Security window films can also add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle. 3M Automotive Security Window Film reduces secondary injuries from broken glass during and after accidents. Car security window film  also hinders crime and protects you, your passengers and your belongings from smash-and-grab thefts and hijackers.

Backed by a Strong Warranty

When professionals like the trusted staff at Window Tint USA apply your security window film, you can be guaranteed excellent skills and service. No bubbles, no creases, and a perfect retrofit application that is designed to be durable and virtually maintenance free.

3M Window Films are backed by one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. If you’re interested in applying security window film, contact Window Tint USA now or Request a Quote.

Important notice: Window film is not approved in the State of Florida for use as hurricane, windstor, or impact protection from wind-borne debris.